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Challenge: Create 12 Ads in 30 Minutes – Coffee & Archetypes

by | Nov 11, 2019 | Latest

If there’s one thing I love about understanding a brand archetype, it’s the clarity it can bring to how you pitch and present your marketing.

There are usually 12 ‘themes of humanity,’ broad strokes do more than just express who we are. They can also connect us more quickly with our ideal client. 

If you aren’t already familiar with archetypes, here’s an article I wrote a while back. And if you want to figure out your archetype, here’s a free quiz (my favorite).

For this article, I gave myself a challenge.

  • In a half hour, I wanted to create 12 different ads. The product is the same: a completely fake brand of coffee from Ethopia, organic, wholebean, to be made at home, something a cut above Folgers, for a more discerning palate. Let’s call it, ‘Tana’. 
  • Each ad would tailor the message for the different archetype.

The idea is to show that your brand could sell something 12 different ways. Under most of these, I’ve included alternate ideas for taglines and headlines.

Perhaps looking over these ‘ads’ gives you some ideas! Maybe one of them jumps out at you. That might be your archetype, and could be a way for you to start marketing your brand.

Creative Archetype

Fuel your creativity

The best coffee brings the best ideas. Invent with Tana.

Ruler Archetype

Only the best for you. Drink Tana Coffee.


  • The best for the best.
  • Win the world right after your coffee. 

Caregiver Archetype

when you feel special, you make others feel amazing.

Gift yourself a cup of Tana.


  • Take a moment to indulge. Bring your best self to others with the best coffee.
  • Self care with special coffee.
  • Smile on the go all morning with just one cup of Tana.

Everyman Archetype

The perfect cup between friends.

Every day, no frills. darn good coffee. Drink Tana.


  • Exactly what you need for a good day.
  • Join the millions who love Tana, every day.

Jester Archetype

ready to be the life of the office? 

Use your jitters to bust out the red pants. Drink Tana coffee.


  • A little fun, a little crazy, and no joke.
  • Wear the red pants today. You’re drinking Tana.

Lover Archetype

Indulge in the aroma and ardor of the old world.

A lightly roasted, creamy complex with notes of chocolate, cardamom, and burnt vanilla, harvested with care from the ancient Ethiopian highlands.


Hero Archetype

Never back down again.

Start with Tana coffee.


  • Be ready for anything
  • Take on the world like a champ
  • The coffee of kings and warriors, the brew of battles and champions.

Magician Archetype

Something new and strange, for you.

Wakes up your mind, like magic. Tana awaits you.


  • What dark mysteries will the magic of ancient Tana inspire?
  • The world awaits your magic, right after your ritual of coffee and silence.
  • Prepare to dazzle.
  • Theyll all ask, how did you do that? One cup, and you’ll spellbind all day.

Outlaw Archetype

Normal is for them.

You’re different. You play your own game. Drink your own brand.


  • Let them all drink the rest. This is for you.
  • Forget that. It’s old. This… this is something you’ve never seen.

Discoverer Archetype

an ancient, undiscovered world…

Tana brings you an experience to re-invent your normal.

  • Enter a world of new tastes and experiences
  • You’ve never experienced the depth and detail of these beans, and the ancient story that births them.

Sage Archetype

You won’t believe it.

A coffee bean as old as the world, a carefully cultivated secret from the highlands of a lost world. Once brewed in hand-fired clay, today in pure tungsten steel.


  • 60% of thinkers function at 90% capacity with one cup of Tana.
  • A little more power to your morning could give you the edge you need.

Innocent Archetype

Ancient, sustainable, & pure.

Tana is like a weekday Christmas, and good for you.

  • More than just another brand. Tana is a mark of beauty, a calming, brightening brew to surprise and inspire you. A coffee that gives back as much as it gives you.

So a little on the nose, sure. 🙂

But you can see now how your next ad could dial in to one of 12 different archetypal messages. And by doing that, appeal to more distinct people with greater success.

Marketing to everyone is so often blah and boring. But advertising to the archetype can become more instantly interesting. 

What do you think? Did one of these jump out at you? Drop a comment how you’re toying with the idea of archetypes for your next ad. 

So what do you think? Leave a comment.

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Dominic de Souza is a novelist-turned-marketer. He believes that passionate small businesses should stop with ads and funnels, and get back to the human roots of business: clarity, excellent service, and building a community. Everything you’re already good at.  Meet Dominic →

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