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Imagine a website that actually makes you look good. It’s what it should be doing. But instead, it’s clunky, confusing, and turning people away. In 2 weeks, perhaps even 1, we can change that. Contact us today to see how quickly and easily your website could inspire you to start charging more.

Top 6 areas that consultants struggle with:

No marketing

Most small businesses have no strategy to make sense of their marketing. They’re too busy to think ahead.

Lets get you the leads you can close.

Being different

Do you know what makes you different and unique? Why people should choose you?

Highlight your distinctions so that you become the obvious choice. The expert.


Clunky website

Did you spend a ton of money on your dud website? Is it out of date, making you look bad, and turning people away? 

Let’s fix that. Stat.

Lack of credibility

Your testimonials and referrals are your gold. Are they showing up on your website?

Showcase your customers, and let them do your marketing for you.

No partners

Striking out on your own means you’re doing everything. Which means no time to actually do the one thing you’re good at.

Get a partner, and a friend, to help.

No referral program

Are you making it easy for friends and fans to refer you to their networks?

Let’s create the materials and content that they’ll be excited to pass around.

So many consultants over 40 today have a ton to contribute.

Like you. You have the experience and the vision to bring your dream to life.

But you’re dragging a dead weight behind you. Your website. Perhaps your brand.

Your website should be a destination that convinces and converts your leads.

You’re holding it all together by creating fantastic content, live streams, videos, blog posts, and engagement in Facebook groups and Instagram.

Your brand is surviving in spite of the #1 thing that should be carrying you. Your website. Let’s change that.

100% of people who want to know more about you will search your website, expecting that it’s the only accurate, in-depth destination to learn more.

Hi, I’m Dominic. I was Visual Arts Director for a private school for 2 years, doing everything from print to online design. And then I joined a startup and built 100+ websites.

The top things holding every single website back are:

If your audience doesn’t know how you’re unique, they won’t buy. If your website is hard to use, or misleading, thy won’t buy. If your marketing strategy is all over the place, they will be confused. And confusion sells nothing.

Clarity sells everything.

What makes Dream Again different?


Less random acts of content. Let’s hand craft your story, your fans’ stories, and showcase them.

Proactive Guide

Let’s make your marketing easier, and exciting again, so that people buy more, and refer you!

Personal Touch

I am fanatical about human communication, and a concierge experience. You expect nothing less.

“His ability to generate a beautiful, attractive and most importantly functional and user-friendly website is amazing.” Andrew Wood Director

“One of the best decisions I made was hiring Dominic to create a corporate identity for me.” 
Michael Cruz, Foresight Insurance

Premier Web Design

Inspire your visitors. Ensure they ‘get’ your story. Convert them into leads who want to pay you your premier rate.


Storytelling is the ancient skill of spellbinding people. Spellbind with the power of storytelling in your marketing.