premier graphic design

Most speakers, authors, podcast hosts, or education brands create a lot of content. But most of it isn’t visual, or exciting. Stop turning away your audience, or missing out on new connections. Get all the graphic design for your business, handled by a professional.

What’s the Dream Again difference?

Printed Items

Posters, business cards, mugs, tshirts, banners, flyers, invitations, and more!

Digital Design

Social media graphic packs, branding, infographics, Youtube thumbnails, blog header art, ads, photo editing, and more!

On & Offline

PDF lead generators, newsletters, small magazines, small catalogs, menus, and more! 

Charbel Raish
Director of Parousia, Speaker

I have had the privilege to work with Dominic for over 7 years… He has a clear vision and can get the best out of you when trying to find out what you are looking for.

Paola Ciskanik

He has the uncanny ability to quickly translate this vision into a reality for the client.” 

Jeremy Minick
Founder, Enable

A game-changing designer: he delivers a premium level of design and he delivers on time. The more drive and passion you have for your idea, the more he’ll fuel your vision.

What is a ‘project’?

A project can be a single design (like a Facebook quote graphic), a batch of graphics, a book cover, or a small magazine. Almost anything.

Most small projects begin and finish within a week. Bigger projects will count as 2 projects, or 2 weeks.

Want a larger project? Let’s talk about it any time!

Wounded Crow Project Sample: refresh your look with a branding kit! 

How do pricing plans work?

Most projects start at $300.

If they are more complex, it can get expensive quickly.

For example; 4 projects per month could cost at least $1200. 

But, when you sign up for a flat monthly plan, you’ll save a lot.

Flat monthly rates lock in more than great design.

You get help from an experienced storyteller and project manager. 

Project Samples: all these images are single projects; book covers, posters, brand guidelines, pullup banners, and more!

Single projects start at $300

  • Limited to 3 revisions
  • Often delivered in 5 business days
  • One-on-one meeting to talk about the project.
  • Feedback and brainstorming about your vision. 

Project Sample: Take your event branding (speaking tour, book launch, or more!) and get it in a variety of formats for print and social media.

Pick a monthly plan and save:

Paid on the first of each month.


6 projects per month
3 month minimum
Unlimited revisions


15 projects per month
6 month minimum
Unlimited revisions


Unlimited projects
6 months minimum
Unlimited revisions

2 live projects max at any time

Interested in agency rates? Contact me today to talk more.

 Sample savings breakdown: Most one-off projects start at $300. So in one month, you want 6 projects: a branding package ($550), 4 social media packs for an article or podcast (header graphic, 3 quote graphics, promos for 4 social channels) ($500), a lead generator pdf (4 pages) ($450). Total might be $1500. On the smallest plan, you could save $1040.

All this, for a flat monthly rate:

Professional Design

On-brand, consistent, and beautiful. Every time.

Unlimited Revisions

We’re not done until you’re satisfied. 

Personal Meetings

Talk one-on-one with a real person (me!)

Partner up

Let’s collaborate on your projects.

2-3 Day Turnaround

Most projects are finished the same week. 

Modern & Clean

Never dated. The kind of design everyone likes to see. 

Easy Experience

Super simple project management.

Interactive Requests

Point-and-click on your designs to leave feedback.

Design Almost Anything

T-shirts, mugs, posters, social graphics, & more! 


Refresh your branding, or create a new vision.

Why Dream Again?



15 years of design experience

From working with clients worldwide, to being Visual Arts Manager for a private school, you’re getting someone used to working with all kinds of people. I love design, and I’m good at it.

Live, personal meetings

We can do business face to face, or over the phone. We can talk through your projects, and help you clarify what you want to get done. 

Storytelling branding

A lot of designers will give you what you want. I help you give your audience what they want.

I will always give you ideas and feedback to help keep the project oriented toward your buyers and fans.