How do stories create connection?

by | Dec 12, 2019 | Latest, Stories

Raf’s first language was Polish. He has a ready grin, and enough energy to power a small town. Today, he speaks in accented English, lives in Nottingham.

Writing doesn’t come easy He struggled with English and Creative writing in school. It all still frustrates him today.

Perhaps that was why he took up competitive wrestling. And was good at it.

Later, while still working at a restaurant, he spent his off days building up a coaching practice for team feedback.

Like anyone, he tasted the fun and fear and frittering that comes from taking a risk for yourself.

Very quickly, he realized that he needed stories. Lots of stories. Stories communicated ideas faster. They were stickier. More memorable.

Problem: he wasn’t a master writer.

But… he did have passion.

He outlined, wrote notes. Didn’t care if it read badly. Ran it through Grammarly. Asked friends and family for feedback.

And started testing them out on his audiences. And learned.

Today, his excitement is tangible. I can’t take any credit.

See, storytelling isn’t about writing. It’s about communicating. Connecting.

So while you’ve never wrestled or run a restaurant, maybe you understand how he feels.

We connect with the internal feelings of a story.

So what do you think? Leave a comment.

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