The Dream Again Program

Done with you, but mostly for you. Like magic. Get a premier look, clarity to sell and share with confidence, and a system for free advertising and referrals – your audience. 

Your brand is the key to your success. 

But it’s more than your soapbox. It’s your spotlight. You get to choose where it shines. 

Together, we’ll help you meet the 3 phases of an exciting, human experience: Delight, Engage, Attract.


Fixed monthly rate


Editing and writing feedback


Regular video chats


6 small design projects each month


Solve your credibility and content


Humanize your brand

Phase 1: Delight


Month 1

Branding, Messaging, & Roadmap

Clarify your brand message from your buyer’s point of view. Lead with what matters, what makes you stand out. 

Month 2

New Starter Website

Create or rebuild your existing website, up to 3-5 pages. You provide the content and images, I bring the editing and premier design.  More details →

Month 3

Social Branding & Graphics 

Clarify a strategy for your social profiles, and get a pack of perfectly branded graphics. 

Phase 2: Engage


Month 4

Marketing Materials

Update your business cards, flyers, and trifolds. Or create them so that you can connect with people offline. Set up or clean up your email newsletter. 

Month 5

Build Testimonials

Request testimonials from past and existing clients. Add them to your website to improve credibility. Or build a program for fans to create with you.

Month 6

Enrich Your Content

Pick 3 of your top blog posts to update, edit, improve and enrich. I convert them into micro-content that you can share; graphics, audio snippets, slides.

Phase 3: Attract


Month 7

Create a Talk Trigger

Review progress to date, and explore a talk-trigger for your brand to improve free referrals. Audit your testimonials for feedback, and make updates.

Month 8

Fan Story Showcase

Inviting top-testimonial clients and fans to share their stories and experiences with you for a new content series. Highlight them for free referrals.

Month 9

Dream Fans

Create a space for your top fans to access you (coaching, private group), or to each other (Slack channel, regular video calls.) Build a community.

Want to start small?

Schedule a single

Branding, Messaging, & Roadmap Session

Often the first thing that’s hurting you are the words you use. They’re clunky, and don’t shared your excitement.

Clarify your brand message from your buyer’s point of view. Lead with what matters, what makes you stand out. 

Only $300

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more pages on my website?

If you can’t go above on the monthly fee, or your existing site has a lot of content, we’ll create a custom monthly schedule to handle it.

Alternatively, if you want to accelerate your website, I will propose a one-time fee apart from the monthly rate, to get it all done.

More about websites →

What's a small graphic design project?

Simple items like business cards, quote graphics, or promotional banners for social media.

Bigger projects like book covers, logo design, or custom layouts are paid apart from your monthly fee.

Ask me for more details!

How many rounds of revisions are there?

Each project has 1 round for feedback. Additional rounds of editing and design are available at my hourly rate. 

What are the payment terms?

Unless we discuss a monthly plan, or payment in full, most plans are a split-payment plan: 50% down to start the project, and 50% to complete it.

What do you need from me to start?

We will meet for 15 minutes to answer your questions, and gather notes for a proposal. Once you’re satisfied and have signed, start your subscription.

We start immediately with an initial quiz, and a welcome page to show you what you can expect. 

We then schedule our Month 1 meeting to go more deeply into site structure and strategy.


15 years experience in design and branding


Personal meetings and phone calls


Custom-built websites with a time-tested process


Unique design built for your branding


Standard, organic, on-page SEO


Editing and copywriting


Domain name setup and transfer available


Live feedback and annotating during review

Katherine Scott

Katherine Scott

Manager, Elegant Peak

“Second to none in his ability to actively listen to a client’s story, ask insightful questions, and then communicate the heart of a company’s brand beautifully.”

Joe Sparks

Joe Sparks

Director of Online Content, Seton

“Dominic is one of the most talented graphic designers and marketing specialists that I’ve had the good fortune to work with.”

Christine Collins

Christine Collins

Mad Monks Coffee Shop

“He worked carefully to really know and appreciate the heart of our business, using his insight to develop what we ourselves couldn’t always put into words.”

What’s the next step?

Let’s connect over a videochat to get more concrete.