Build a work life that you’ll love every day.

The DreamAgain Marketing School coaches teens and college students in graphic design and branding. Start your creative future as a designer today. Why wait? Enjoy freedom now – from home.

Create stunning work clients will pay for again, and again.

Work from home

Save years of learning

Level up skills

Charge more

Currently in Beta

Dream Again Marketing School

We’re building a school & community perfect for:

High school teens, who want a leg up in starting their career

College students wanting to make extra income and build a future

Adults trying to skill up in marketing & design, and work from home

Hi there!

I’m Dominic, founder of DreamAgain. I’m a work-from-home novel-writer, who found a special way to help other small businesses. I found a way to tell their story (branding) in a visual way (graphic design) that helps them to make money! 

Now, I want to pay it forward, and help many more people discover this same fusion of stories and great design.

Sadly, this is the norm for most graphic designers:


Struggling to balance work and personal life


Being alone and unheard, without a community


Feeling like an imposter for raising rates


Working at the mercy of scattered clients 

When you’re really looking for this:

The freedom to step away from work when you need

A thriving community for feedback and insights

Confidence to keep charging more, because you deserve it

Bring incredible value and leadership to your clients

Learn how to charge more – because you work harder and smarter.

Note: These are example rates

Most graphic designers:

Start by offering gigs, and taking what they can get. Often on Fiverr, or Upwork. Sample rates:

Beginner: $5 – $10 per gig

Raise: $15 per hour

After one year: $45 per hour

DreamAgain designers:

Level up faster with branding and marketing skills, plus ‘forever feedback’ in their back pocket.

Beginner: $25 – $50 per project

Raise: $60 per hour

After one year: $80+ per hour. Or transition out of hourly-billing, and charge by the project. 

Free yourself from the trap of hourly rates, and charge what you’re worth.

Your rates depend on your ability to learn your craft, integrate what you learn, and earn good reviews from satisfied clients.

Discover a career you can love with the DreamAgain School.

Study at your own pace

Build a portfolio from real projects

Get feedback & networking

Who is this school for?

  • Are you passionate, eager-to-learn, and hungry to get busy? 
  • Are you ready to work hard, help others, and strive for excellence?
  • Do you get excited by the idea of serving people and helping to fuel their success?

Then this could be a great group for you!

Every student cares about the members in our community.  We care about our clients. And we care about ourselves. 

After you take a simple course on branding, you jump into our incredibly-friendly community, looking to learn from each other. Looking to give and get feedback. To share insights. 

No one’s pushy. No one’s judging. We look out for each other – so that you can figure out what works best for you.

What’s my investment?

All plans include:

Community Access

Monthly group workshops

Networking with members

Personal Feedback

Essential Courses

Regular working meetups


per month


per year



Dominic de Souza - Dream Again

How soon can I start creating freedom with income?

As soon as you want! Here’s how it works: 

Start with a 30 day design challenge, geared to teach you the basics of beautiful design that works.

Post your work in the community to get feedback, to help you improve and grow immediately.

Launch your portfolio website or your Instagram profile. Research and join online directories.

Start your career by reaching out to friends, charities, or local  businesses, and volunteer limited work. Learn from real life.

Learn about the power of branding to inspire marketing you love, and that sells others on your value.

Refine your brand to help you stand out and get noticed. Publish your rates to accept paid work.

Kickstart your unique marketing plan to help you find, inspire, and close clients.

Here’s what your journey can look like:


Sign up

Start a private course to learn the basics of design – and branding.

Real World

Learn how to offer design to your community and friends for real-world feedback.

Forever support

Get white-labelled, professional feedback on your work with clients


Join a community for feedback and friendship, and share what you learn!

Dominic de Souza - Dream Again

A Day in the Life

How busy is it? Check out a sample day with the DreamAgain Marketing School:

  • Start your day with breakfast, a little light yoga. Perhaps a jog. 
  • Plan your day’s projects, and see if clients have responded to jobs. Cue up yesterday’s lofi.
  • Check your inbox to watch your mentor’s latest video says about your recent design work.  
  • Implement the feedback, and send it off to the client. Follow up with an invoice. 
  • Hop over to the DreamAgain community to see what’s fresh. Leave some feedback on a friend’s post.

Time for lunch!  …keep it going!

Working from home frees you to build a life that matters to you.     

It’s sad how many people (and teens) work hard for college degrees, and aren’t filled with a passion for their work. They feel like ‘marketing’ is a ‘necessary evil.’

Together, we’re building a work-life balance where we love our work – and deliver incredible value to our clients – from the comfort of home.

Plus… you can keep increasing your prices – because you’re always improving. 

Dominic de Souza - Dream Again

Start making steady progress, with constant inspiration and support. 

Since 2009, Dominic has been working in and out of brands, schools, agencies, and remote working jobs. You’ll learn his process of deep listening, getting the story, and setting clear boundaries – so that everyone’s happy and impressed.   

Together, you can shave years off your learning journey, charge more, and build the life of freedom you want – now. Not later. Why wait? Your passion is calling.

Discover your own unique brand

Build your business at your pace

Create work you’re proud of

Make the world a better place

Feel good about making money that supports your life! 

What people have said after working with Dominic:

Katherine Scott

Katherine Scott

Manager, Elegant Peak

“Second to none in his ability to actively listen to a client’s story, ask insightful questions, and then communicate the heart of a company’s brand beautifully.”

Christine Collins

Christine Collins

Mad Monks Coffee Shop

“He worked carefully to really know and appreciate the heart of our business, using his insight to develop what we ourselves couldn’t always put into words.”

Joe Sparks

Joe Sparks

Director of Online Content, Seton

“Dominic is one of the most talented graphic designers and marketing specialists that I’ve had the good fortune to work with.”

Candice Parsons

Candice Parsons


“Dominic gave me clear, specific and objective insights I was unable to see for myself. He’s also a veritable *idea-machine*.”

Paola Ciskanik

Paola Ciskanik


“He has the uncanny ability to quickly translate your vision into reality in a myriad of modes such as branding, website design… and so much more.”

Taylor Schroll

Taylor Schroll

Outreach Marketing Director, Speaker

“I often find myself too busy to think outside the box. After 30 minutes, he gave me a ton of great ideas to engage my audiences both during and after events.”

The 6 Steps to an Exciting, Human-Centered Brand Strategy

 If you’re a self-motivated, hardworking, and creative person who wants to set their own schedule, and make a living serving people, keep reading.

This Marketing School could change your life. We’re starting with Graphic Design and Branding.


  • Because most graphic design courses teach you how to use incredibly complex tools. They teach you all about the psychology of art and color theory. How to mask things in Photoshop…
  • Most marketing courses give you tons of lists and shoulds’ and shouldn’ts for what’s working today. Few actually pay attention to what makes you unique – and your approach to life.
  • And most branding tutorials focus on a few cookie-cutter concepts. You want help going deeper to become the specialist your client needs – not a gofer afraid to say ‘no.’

I want to help you get back your hope, your inspiration, and your excitement. To let go of all the fear, the anxiety, the loneliness. 

That’s why we’re focusing on something more important.

We’re helping you level-up from being a gig-worker who takes orders. You’ll learn how to be a professional people respect, with a plan they will pay for.

You’re more than just a designer.

You have your own mission. And you’re all about working with the right people who believe like you do.

That’s where the magic, and the money is.

Money in business is the fuel you need to keep you going. And over time, you gain experience. You earn the right charge more.

Most don’t. We’re afraid to become ‘pricey.’ Perhaps people will ‘look down’ on us.

Ask yourself: are they the ‘right people’ you want to work with?

I’ve been doing it for 15 years, and every year, I’ve gained the courage to embrace my fears, and raise my prices. 

It felt terrifying. But it’s given me the freedom to work from home, choose my clients, and do work that I believe in. And without a ton of college debt.

See, I’m self-taught. And if you’ve got the drive and the interest, you can teach yourself anything too. This world right now is a paradise for remote workers – we just need the friends and the guides to level up.

I believe a lot more of us can live happier, more fulfilling lives when we do work that matters.

So I’m paying it forward, and creating something unique:

  • I’m not just making a course you can take in your own time.
  • I’m not just hosting a community where you can share your work, give and get feedback, and make new friends.
  • I’m not just sharing with you everything I’ve learned, so that you can shave 10 years off your learning journey.

I’m adding myself to your toolkit.

Yep, that’s the ‘forever feedback’ part.

What’s forever feedback?

Imagine this with me:

  • Imagine that you learn how to design posters, book covers, flyers, social media graphics, banners, and anything that people want.
  • Imagine you can learn a style that everyone wants and needs, while you’re discovering your own unique artistic approach.
  • Imagine you can stun your clients and keep them coming back – because you take charge with them, and help them express what they can’t say in words.
  • Imagine that you keep building a work portfolio you’re proud to share
  • Imagine every project you work on gets professional feedback, so that you’re always presenting the best to your clients – so that you can raise your rates.

Yep, that last one there is the magic number.

It’s what I wished I had when I was starting out. I made every mistake in the book, jumped on every flashy new design style, took poor work from demanding clients, and definitely didn’t charge enough for all the hours and hours of agonizing edits.

None of it was my clients’ fault. It was mine. I just didn’t know better. I didn’t have a mentor (couldn’t have paid for one!). I didn’t have a community. And I didn’t have anyone to give me feedback.

I learned the hard way – and now I want to help you skip all that.

In the DreamAgain Marketing School, you’re learning something incredibly important. You’re learning to be more than a designer.

You’re learning to think like a specialist. You’re learning how to guide a client, help them say what they want, wow them with beautiful designs that help them make money, and you’re building work habits that don’t burn you out.

And as long as you’re in the DreamAgain Marketing School, you can always ask for feedback, design help, and ideas. Either from other students, or from the founder.

You’ll also start building your portfolio immediately, either on your own free website, or as a social media profile (Instagram).

Here are samples of what you’ll learn (in around 30 days or less):

Design Essentials

All the key things to know about being a designer, like color, placement, layout, and the DreamAgain design style

How to think like a designer

Learn the two sides of a good designer: designing the words and layout and images, and the critical feeling of the message

Learn to use free and affordable online tools

Start with easy and accessible online software, like Canva

How to start asking for work

Volunteer work for friends or local businesses to learn from real-world feedback

Elevate your client's brand

Learn to elevate a client’s brand with beautiful design and attractive work

Essentials of Branding

Dig deeper than the visuals, and learn the basics of branding, and how to communicate your client’s message

Build your own brand

Start to identify your own contribution and flair, and build your portfolio. 

The Path to Mastery

A good designer does more than follow orders – they have definite ideas, and get paid for them. Unlock the magic of branding in your design so that clients trust you more, and pay you better. 

Plus more!

Techniques, tools, and tips always being added.

Why do I need this Marketing School?

You don’t. Technically. You can absolutely go your own way.

  • You can go to college and get an expensive degree that will teach you amazing things… but may also force you to take any job you can get, and perhaps do work you don’t like.
  • You can self-teach and pay for online courses, follow forums and keep figuring it out on your own.

Or you can join the DreamAgain Marketing School, shave years of learning off your journey, level-up faster through constant professional feedback, and get a mentor who personally cares to see you succeed, on your own terms.

The key that no one teaches you is how to own your own approach, and how to think like a marketer. 

Why do I need to think like a marketer?

You already are an amazing marketer. I guarantee that you and I could sit over coffee and chat for hours about your passion projects, or TV shows you love. 

That’s marketing. 

  • Marketing is a belief that a tool or service can save people’s lives. Or make them better. So you spread the word. 
  • Marketing is not being pushy, sleazy, or sale-sy because you need to make money. 
  • Marketing is about service. And when you serve people well, then the money comes. 

That’s why this School focuses on three things: learning the craft, enjoying the philosophy of work, and getting into the field to work with real people, and learn from experience. 

And all of it with the constant support from the founder, Dominic.  


  •  Permission to do marketing your way.
  • Freedom to work when you want.
  •  A friendly community that thinks like you.
  •  Getting work done – because you enjoy it.
  • Constant personal feedback and mentorship to help you grow.
  • Confidence to take chances and try things
  • Start it now, not in ten years.


Who's not a good fit for this school?

You’re looking for instant results, fast rules and tips to help you get a ton of clients. This is a school, where you learn through personal growth and networking.

This program won’t work for you if you want specific strategies for social networks or tools – we’re about training you how to think, so that you can learn any tools – and create your own strategies.

If you’re looking for hundreds of videos and tons of courses so that you can binge-learn, that’s not this. We focus on a few initial courses, and then guide you in real world work that you go out and find.

This school won’t work for you if you’re expecting fast success and leads for your business. We help you grow your own way, and you must be prepared to put in all your own effort.

This school won’t work if you’re not ready to show up and put in the work. You get the most out of it when you build it together with your new friends. Together, we’re cocreating this school.

Will I get clients when I join?

No, this school does not send you clients to work on. We are training you on how to deliver more value when you do get jobs, so that you can charge more. 

You will need to do your own outreach, and connect with local businesses. As a community, we share what we learn so that we improve how we outreach together.

Should I really be doing work for free?

Great point! Plenty of people try to take advantage of designers to get free work. You need to be careful of them, and choose who you donate your time to.

But when you’re starting out, you’re still an untried worker. People don’t yet know if you’re as good as you say. 

So part of our school program invites you to reach out to good causes, and offer a specific work for a good review. 

This helps you build up your testimonials – which are your key to charging more.

If you already have expertise, and a supply of clients, then no need to gift your time!

Why isn't this school free?

You can join plenty of Facebook groups, or take free courses. In fact, you should probably go join them as well.

Paying for this membership allows your mentors to focus on you, and help you accelerate your learning journey. 

Your membership fee keeps this community ours, free of ads, spam, or expensive marketing.

We also have costs to cover – with software, tools, and our time serving you, and moderating content.

Why choose this school over others?

There are many good groups out there. You’ll get the guidance of Dominic, and his approach as a self-taught marketer and designer. You can browse his happy clients testimonials to see why people like working with him. 

We believe that good designers are great human beings, and that confidence comes from knowing our own worth. 

Everyone in this community believes in that together. Partnering with like-minded people makes all the difference in y our networking.

We all support each other.

So choose this network if you want personal attention to your questions, regular meetups, and one-to-one feedback on your work so that you can deliver amazing work to your clients.

Will the price increase?

This school is in beta, so the fees may increase in the future. But that’s only for new members. Your fee will remain the same, unless you agree to pay more – because this school is helping you to make more!

I really want to join, but I can't afford it

I understand. It’s hard to have extra income to invest in ourselves when we have much pressure. Send an email to me (Dominic) directly with your questions, and let me know how much you might be willing to invest each month. We can hopefully come up with a plan together.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

You can cancel any time. Of course, you’ll lose access to the networking, feedback, live calls, and community content.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for the waitlist, and when the doors are open we’ll send out an invite!

Currently in Beta

If all this sounds valuable and exciting to you, I want to know what you think!

Comment your biggest question (or questions!) right here. I want to build this School with you, and bring you the features that matter to you.