Marketing & design for non profits.

Inspire donations and action around human-centered stories. 

Top 6 areas that non profits struggle with:

Disconnected Audience

Are your prospective donors and fans not responding to your drives?

Connect with people using the credibility and inspiration of emotional stories.


Flat messaging

Is your messaging so broad that no one can see themselves in it?

Refine your target donor to clarify your campaigns, and increase engagement.

Low donations

Are donors just not giving as they used to? Are new ones shy to commit?

Show your audience what happens before, during, and after the impact of their gifts.

Print vs online

Are you running print and online campaigns to reach your audiences?

Coordinate both through your website so that all ages can engage with you.

Scattered Social

Has the rush to start broadcasting online seemed a waste of time and effort?

Get back to basics and start building an online community.

Volunteer marketing

Is working with volunteers hampering you, because they’re not as motivated? 

Your marketing is your growth. Let’s make it easier for everyone to share and talk.

Non-profits and charities are one of the most powerful forces for doing good.

Inconsistent marketing, random activity on social media, and no strategy to tie it all together is hurting your donor reach.

Donors anywhere want to

  • Easily understand why they should donate
  • Know where their gifts are used
  • See the inspirational outcomes, or even be a part of it.  
  • Be regularly inspired by the community they’re building.

Hi, I’m Dominic. I’ve been working in marketing wildly passionate charities, and ministries for the last 15 years. I understand how hard it is to keep donors engaged, and keep running the day to day. 

How can we highlight the power, excitement, and impact that gift-giving has on people? If we can enchant existing donors, we can reach out to inspire new and old.

And do more.

What makes Dream Again different?


Less random acts of content. Let’s hand craft your story, your donors’ stories, and showcase their impact.

Proactive Guide

Let’s make your marketing easier, and exciting again, so that your donors are inspired to do more.

Personal Touch

I am fanatical about human communication, and a concierge experience. You expect nothing less.

“​Never ceases to surprise. He is prompt, responsive and professional; traits which make him a great partner in communicating the pro-life message.” Stephen Phelan, Director HLI

He has the uncanny ability to quickly translate this vision into a reality for the client.” 
Paola Ciskanik, Strategist

“​His open and generous attitude to ‘looking outside the box’ are exceptional. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” Norman Servais, Creative Director

Premier Web Design

Inspire your visitors. Ensure they ‘get’ your story. Convert them into leads who want to pay you your premier rate.


Storytelling is the ancient skill of spellbinding people. Spellbind with the power of storytelling in your marketing.

Dominic de Souza

Storyteller, Marketer

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, studied in Fiji and France, now living in the United States. After writing my first novel at 13, I spent 15 years in marketing and design. Today, I help wildly-passionate small businesses clarify their story to spellbind audiences.  Sign up for my weekly digest!