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Catholic Homeschool Conference

With thousands of families turning to homeschool and online education with Covid, the Catholic Homeschool Network launched 3 websites and hosted over 4 conferences, bringing together 12,000 families around the world.

The primary website was the hub, bringing together landing pages, a blog, 2 podcasts, and onboarding for speakers and vendors. 

We also built a directory, to organize the hundreds of vendors, speakers, and colleges that support the mission. The most recent conference was hosted directly within the directory, to drive more attention to various vendors.

As of 2022, ownership changed hands, and the brand was merged with Homeschool Connections. 

Paola Ciskanik

Paola Ciskanik


“He has the uncanny ability to quickly translate your vision into reality in a myriad of modes such as branding, website design… and so much more.”

In the past year I have witnessed the remarkable ability Dominic possesses to listen and flesh out a clients vision, in both word and design.

He has the uncanny ability to then quickly translate this vision into a reality for the client in a myriad of modes such as branding, website design and navigation, book cover designs, event packaging and so much more.

His authentic concern for the client individually and for their mission is evident in his timely delivery and efficiency to complete a job that keeps the clients supremely satisfied.