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Homeschool Connections

Get a world-class Catholic education with affordable, high-quality online courses. 3rd-12th grade students can get 200+ LIVE and 450+ recorded online courses in all subject areas. 

Walter Crawford

Walter Crawford

President of Homeschool Connections

Dominic designed our new website. His skill of building a site that reflects the needs of our customers is only outdone by his responsive and speed to complete the project.

We have a site that is far more profitable than our previous site thanks to Dominic.

Homeschool Connections had grown and expanded into multiple service offerings, with subsites and landing pages on different platforms. The brand had grown unwieldy, and the process for onboarding new families complexified each year.

We met several times to reverse engineer the customer journey, and to start with a fresh brand message. The new website pared back a lot of the color and confusion to make it feel simpler.

A simpler color scheme brought better focus to the buttons.