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Listensight Research

Concept | We listen for your insights. We ask honest questions for honest feedback. All answers are anonymous. All research is shared. Together, our insights can drive better business, and a better world.

During my time at an agency, many clients wanted to rush their brand to market, with little to no research. 

I wanted to help the clients validate their idea by handling actual research, instead of educated guesses. This would improve the value of working with the agency. 

We needed a faster process than bringing together study groups and pose questions. The idea was to run Facebook ads to a highly targeted subset of the client’s niche. The ads would invite them to answer questions about lifestyle and product use. 

Obviously, few people would answer questions to an agency. So Listensight would then be an indifferent middle-man, and we would publish the findings of our research on our blog for the benefit of all businesses. 

This website was built as a proof of concept, but the project was shelved. 

Our motif was going to be an aggrieved penguin, since most ads seem to blindly sell fridges to the Arctic.