Raf Baron

Feedback Coach Website | Raf Baron is revolutionizing how feedback is delivered within teams. With a background in pro wrestling and restaurant management, he’s tackling the #1 killer of team communication and anxiety head on.

Raf Baron, the wrestler and restaurant manager turned speaker.

I first met Raf on Linkedin; this fun, fascinating guy with English as a second language, and a primary passion for how teams handle feedback. 

He had reached a point with his dream where he was ready to commit to it a few days a week, instead of working full time at the restaurant in Nottingham.

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He saw his work as a kind of revolution. A part of business culture that’s been handcuffed for almost 80 years causes more anxiety than it dissolves it.

We knuckled down to discuss his brand, and then workshop almost once a week together for several months to build out landing pages, marketing content, and a new design.

When he was ready, we launched his new website, each iteration helping him cleanly and quickly convert his visitors. 

Today, he continues to schedule workshops and speaking presentations, and is excited about his new career in public speaking. 

Raf Baron

Raf Baron

Feedback Coach

“Great listening skills, and the ability to connect on a personal level, which makes the entire process not only smooth, but it brings you peace of mind.”

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