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Case Study


Personal project | Online community and conferences with a mission to break the bystander effect, and help Catholics discover their unique gifts in evangelization. 

This project started as a personal case study. The goal was to take everything I love and believe about marketing, and test it.

Starting in April 2020, I saw a niche need for a faith community, and created ways to bring these people together.

I coordinated 10 virtual summits, and consulted in 4 more, to bring wider audiences together with influencers and creators.

The email list grew very quickly with all the summits. I polled the early signups for their interest in a community. It was an emphatic yes.

Not really knowing what I was doing, I launched a free community to humanize connections. I welcomed speakers to create their own groups, and host their own events.

As of April 2020, we launched a monthly internal magazine and content roundup, and a weekly livestream interview series.

This project has connected me to hundreds of potential clients and friends. I’ve made thousands of dollars in revenue and consulting. And I’ve established my credibility as a strategist and creator in this space.

The constant effort to stay focused and keep articulating on the brand mission keeps the community focused. And inspires interns to want to volunteer their time.

All of this success without doing any advertising. My approach is the backbone of my process:

  • Do something interesting that people will want to talk about.
  • Show up with a gift in hand, not a cap in hand.
  • When people know you care, they will care what you know.

Upcoming projects include launching an Academy and a private membership group within the community.