#PublicSpeaking – The Playbook to Capture Your Captive Audience

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Capture your captive audience, build a tribe, and make the income you need – without selling from stage.

This ebook takes thousands of hours of research, conversations, trial and error, and creativity. And turns it all into a playbook. It’s my personal playbook.

The goal is really simple. To help you generate income between events.

Your events become the net you cast to bring people into your tribe. Instead of being just a speaker, you’re a consultant who keynotes. Your events aren’t the endgame, but your first play.

So that’s my promise to you here: 100% value, zero-selling, no fluff. You can do everything yourself.

And if you want help, I’m a video chat away.



Chapter 1

The New World of Public Speaking | #PublicSpeaking Overview


Chapter 2

The new media answer to a common public speaker problem

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