My goals and ideas, with tentative dates.

I believe we should dream big, and dream openly.

Putting thoughts out there is the first step to making it happen.

For me, creating a roadmap like this starts orienting my plans. It creates fun discussions.

Most importantly, it stops me from thinking only about making the paycheck for next week, and continue building the relationships that craft a stronger future.

Who knows; may you see something here, and want to talk about what it takes to make it happen!

The Dreamline

21 Day Challenge for Daily Video

Unpack my methodology for unending daily video prompts, that actually humanize your brand and start discussions on any social network. 

When: July 2019

Podcast: Myth & Marketing: Season 1

Weekly ‘storytime’ with ancient and modern myths, a brief retelling, and discussing insights into empathic, human marketing, with a focus on meaning.

When: August 2019

Book: Tribe Storytelling

A DIY breakdown of my mindset and methodology for storytelling in business, and how brands can demonstrate their humanity and credibility – while spellbinding their audience.

When: September 2019

Private Group

A private space for human-centric businesses to get together, share ideas and inspiration, and network together.

When: September 2019

Podcast: The Dream State, Season 1

Interviewing founders and professionals who fought to build a dream, burned out and lost it, and discovered a new one. Their journey to dream again, and where they’re going now. 12 Episodes.

When: August 2019

Course: Brand Storytelling

Take all the notes and thoughts from ‘Tribe Storytelling’ and turn it into a course that people can work through on their own, with stories, video, and examples.

When: December 2019

Podcast: The Storymakers, Season 1

Interviewing professional storytellers about how they help brands tell their stories, the impact they’re having, and how more small businesses can start. 12 Episodes.

When: December 2019

Podcast: The New 300, Season 1

Small businesses need to stop copying corporations for branding and marketing. They’re playing a different game. A series of interviews with small businesses who are thriving today using modern, human thinking and digital tools. 12 Episodes.

When: February 2020

Young Public Speakers Accelerator/Academy

Scouting out young talent and giving them a leg up in their speaking careers. The Academy vets the best options, trains them to communicate with clarity and passion online and in person, use modern media to stay connected, and allow sponsor and donors to fast-track their success. 

When: TBD 2020 / ASAP


Speaker Media Kit

A checklist of items with a sample layout to help speakers do more faster, and clearly.

When: June 2019

LIVE-ing the Dream Show

Short, engaging, insightful weekly convos with pros about hot topics.

The Divi Awards

Showcase great design and good websites, and give awards to the monthly best.

New Website

Beautiful, premier discussion point to help people envision their own success.