how it works

Dream Again helps you spellbind through storytelling, and see marketing as a way to bring purpose and leadership. Your story is worth sharing, and your tribe needs you to lead them. My services help you do that. 

Step 1:

Dream Map

Before starting anything with anyone, start with a Dream Map. This is a roadmap of the work to be done.

We’ll spend time talking through your vision, what’s holding you back, where things are currently broken, and what you see needs to be done. Together we’ll come up with an action plan, and you get a 1-2 page breakdown.

After that, take your Dream Map to anyone else you want, zero obligation. Or hire me to keep going.

More details

First, we’ll talk about everything on your mind.

Second, we’ll go through a planning exercise around your brand, your visuals, your messaging, and your website. Our goal is to come up with a detailed roadmap for you.

Lastly, we can talk about what it would be like for me to handle the project for you, timelines, and needed materials. 

The Dream Map brings you a bunch of benefits:

  • Detailed preparation means the project will go faster and be more successful.
  • We may discover pieces they don’t need, or can delay. This can change your investments, perhaps reducing them.
  • Without detailed preparation, you will discover delays, project changes, and scope creep.  
  • This roadmap will help everyone understand what the real business value is, and where all the efforts are going. 

Step 2:

Dream Maker

Stories invite people to see things the way you do. Stories are the way tribes and communities bond. Identify the 6 types of stories you could be telling.

Your stories are the most valuables sales assets and social proof you can have. Solve your content marketing, humanize your brand, and demonstrate the excitement and uniqueness of your tribe.

A 90-minute session to talk through your stories, and help you see what elements to focus on, with coaching on  your written versions.

Step 3:
Dream Up

Overhaul and clarify your brand message. Know what you stand for, why you’re in business, what makes you different, and the concrete impact you’re making. Align your team and your strategy with your dream.

You can optionally include a logo and branding redesign.

After a 90 minute conversation, you’ll be ditching the muddy messaging to sell more, and do more. You get a 1-2 page summary, with 1-2 pages of notes and marketing messages for your website and marketing materials.

Step 3:
Dream Machine

If your website is dated, broken, or ugly, let’s fix it. Premier, professional design inspires trust. Because it communicates the quality of your service.

Get a clear, professional website to help people believe in you and buy into you. Show up when people search for you.

Within 6 weeks, you can start showcasing your tribe, and completely change how visitors engage with you – for the better. See FAQs

Your investment

Dream Map


90-minute intense strategy session online.

You get a 1-2 page strategy guide to orient your next steps. 

You can take it to anyone, or use it as our roadmap for the work to be done. 


Dream Maker


90 minute story workshop.

Follow up written session for editing and review. 

Coaching for identifying and telling your stories. 

Most people want additional time to think their stories through and write them down.

I’ll help you revise and hone them so that they read well. 

Dream Up


90 minute Logo & Brand Design Session

You get fresh brand guides and documentation.

Brainstorm Marketing Strategy
General Consulting

Includes new Logo/Logo Revision

Logo Discussion & Meaning
Coordinate with Designer
Brand Guide
Business Cards
Promotional Graphics

Dream Machine


Dream Up’ session included. 

 Up to 5 pages of beautiful, crisp content and design that people and algorithms will love. 

Average 6 Week Process

Discovery Phase: 2 Weeks
Content Phase: 2 Weeks
Design Phase: 2 Weeks

Optional Hosting & Maintenance
$300 p/month


Dominic de Souza

Storyteller, Marketer

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, studied in Fiji and France, now living in the United States. After writing my first novel at 13, I spent 15 years in marketing and design. Today, I help wildly-passionate small businesses clarify their story to spellbind audiences.  Sign up for my weekly digest!