how it works

Tribes are people who believe the same thing. Clear messaging, a great story, and premier design is like your power suit, the one that makes you feel incredible. The one you wore on that date, that presentation, that dinner. Get up in front your tribe with all the confidence of a humble, powerful, inspired leader. 

Step 1:

Dream Map

Before starting anything with anyone, start with a Dream Map. This is a roadmap of the work to be done. 

We’ll spend time talking through your vision, what’s holding you back, where things are currently broken, and what you see needs to be done.

Together we’ll come up with an action plan, and you get a 1-2 page breakdown. After that, take your Dream Map to anyone else you want, zero obligation. Or hire me to keep going. 

Step 2:
Dream Up

Overhaul and clarify your brand message. Know what you stand for, why you’re in business, what makes you different, and the concrete impact you’re making. Align your team and your strategy with your dream.

You can optionally include a logo and branding redesign.

After a 90 minute conversation, you’ll be ditching the muddy messaging to sell more, and do more. You get a 1-2 page summary, with 1-2 pages of notes and marketing messages for your website and marketing materials.

Step 3:
Dream Machine

If your website is dated, broken, or ugly, let’s fix it. Premier, professional design inspires trust. Because it communicates the quality of your service.

Get a clear, professional website to help people believe in you and buy into you. Show up when people search for you.

Within 6 weeks, you can start showcasing your tribe, and completely change how visitors engage with you – for the better. See FAQs

Option 4:
Dream Sprint

On a time crunch? Sprint through your Dream Up and Dream Machine within a single week. No more waiting. 

Book a solid week, with several workshops each day. Overhaul and clarify your brand and website copy, refresh your brand and design, and get a new website ready to launch by the end of a week. 

A Dream Map session is a required prerequisite.

Web Design FAQs

Before we start:

What are your qualifications?

I have over 9 years of experience in building premier, modern, websites.

How is the project managed?

With a personal touch. After meeting with me (Dominic), I’ll work with you over the next 3-4 weeks to manage the project, and build it your feedback.  

Can you create a new logo for me?

Yes, we can. It is an additional service, so let’s about my process for a comprehensive logo package.

Will my site be responsive, and work on any device?

Definitely. That is the new norm for websites, and since most online traffic is on mobile, we guarantee a pleasant experience of your site for everyone.

Can you build an e-commerce site?

Let’s talk about what you need. Most consultants and speakers have a few products. Small businesses might want their inventory online, which is a much larger project.

Let’s discuss your custom solution, and if I’m the right fit for you, or if we need to involve a specialist.

Are your sites custom built, or templated?

No premier site was ever baked in  mold.

Every client has different needs, so we custom design, theme and build out each page based on your branding.

The process for the flow of information starts with a template. My goal is to help you stand out from the competition.

Can I see other sites you've designed?

Absolutely. Dream Again is new as a brand, soI’m building my portfolio.

But contact me, and I can send you a list of live sites launched in recent months. 

Do you handle domain name registration?

Yes, I’ll take care of setting up, transferring, or repointing your domain to your new website. 

If, during our discussion, I get the sense that it is going to be an involved process, I will let you know that I would like to bring in a specialist. Their fees will be on top of mine. 

What are your payment terms?

Unless we discuss a monthly plan, or a split-payment plan, all rates are due in full to begin work.

The Process

How long is your average website process?

6 weeks. Every 2 weeks is a phase devoted to an aspect of the process:

  • Phase 1: Discovery. Information and content gathering.
  • Phase 2: Structure & Planning. Round 1 of the site design and feedback.
  • Phase 3: Design & Review. We finalise and launch.

  Let’s talk if you need a different time frame.

Who will write the content?

Usually, it’s a collaboration. I will meet with you to talk through the pages, and gather ideas and ‘data’ from you.

Then I can write up a first draft for each page, either as a stub to get your thoughts going, or rewrite your existing content for clarity.

As you can imagine, it’s less cost to you, and faster, if you provide everything. I can then copyedit, and craft the value propositions for each page. 

What do you need from me to start?

I will provide an initial quiz, and a welcome page to show you what you can expect.

We will need to schedule our first core meeting to discuss structure and strategy.

All logo files, graphics and photos should be uploaded to our asset area. All text will be pre-agreed on.

For most sessions, 50% of your fee is required to start. The remaining 50% is required before delivery of the final items, or control of your website. Until the full invoice has been paid, all materials remain the property of Dream Again.

How many pages will my website have?

Most websites are 5-7 pages; including

  • Home
  • About
  • Service 
  • Blog
  • Conversion Page
  • Contact 

I can build out service, product/book, and location pages for you now or later.

Will I be able to see the website while you're building it?

Definitely. We’ll bring you in early on to get feedback on the visual direction. Then you can leave edits and requests easily.

Will you find images for my website?

Absolutely. I recommend that you take fresh photos of yourself, your team, your products, and your environment, for a more unique website.

If that’s not possible, I provide 1 round of searching for free photos, or stock photos. Costs like these are additional to the website rate.

How many rounds of revisions are there?

You will have 1 round for visual feedback.

Round 2 is for content editing.

Your 30 days after launch: if you see any issues or bugs, I will jump in there for free to fix them.

After Launch

Will I own my website once it’s launched?

Absolutely. I will continue to support and develop it as long as you need us.

Should you decide to take your business elsewhere, I will happily turn over to you all the files and information we have, and do our best to get you safely situated.

What search engine optimization or marketing do you do?

Your website comes with standard, organic SEO, such as the right headers, titles, meta text, and data to show up well on Google. I hire a specialist to handle this part of your project.

Contact me today with your questions.

What other services do you provide?

Ask me! I have experience with most areas branding, copywriting, and design for small businesses. If I can’t do it, I’ll find a professional who can, and handle it for you. 

Can I add a page after my site is launched?

Absolutely. I am ready and willing to help you build out what you need. 

Or if you want the freedom to make changes on your own, I’ll provide training or short video walkthroughs.

Rates for any work done are pre-agreed, with suggested hours.

Will I able to make edits to my site?

Absolutely. Once the site is live, I can show you how you can make edits, and create video walkthroughs that you can refer to.

If you need help with larger edits,  I am always on hand to help. 

What support can I get after my website is launched?

Same day or next day turnaround is the promise, unless we agree on a scheduled time. 

Your monthly retainer gives you a monthly meeting, and near-instant response times.

Your investment

Dream Map


40 minute strategy session

You get a 1-2 page strategy guide to orient your next steps. 

You can take it to anyone, or use it as our roadmap for the work to be done. 


Dream Up


90 minute Branding Session
You get fresh brand guides and documentation.

Brainstorm Marketing Strategy
General Consulting

Optional Addon: New Logo

Logo Discussion & Meaning
Coordinate with Designer
Brand Guide
Business Cards
Promotional Graphics

Dream Machine


Brand Up’ is an included, required prerequisite. 

 Up to 5 pages of beautiful, crisp content and design that people and algorithms will love. 

Average 6 Week Process

Discovery Phase: 2 Weeks
Content Phase: 2 Weeks
Design Phase: 2 Weeks

Optional Hosting & Maintenance
$300 p/month


Dream Sprint


Everything in ‘Brand Up’ and ‘Dream Machine’, compressed into a 1 week workshop. 

Daily 30-minute meetings are scheduled to discuss, brainstorm, and review progress. 

I meet with you personally to handle all parts of the process. 

Usually includes your brand’s positioning & messaging, business cards, letterhead, and a modern website designed, built and launched by the end of your one week sprint.

SEO is handled after launch.
Does not include a new logo design.