Marketing & design for small business.

Focus on your uniqueness to drive sales, loyalty, and referrals.

Top 6 areas that small businesses struggle with:

No strategy

Most small businesses have no strategy to make sense of their marketing. They’re too busy to think ahead.

Let’s centralize your ideas, and focus.

Being different

Do you know what makes you different and unique? Why people should choose you?

Highlight your distinctions so that you become the obvious choice.


Repeat customers

Struggling with one-off customers because you have no plan to follow up with them?

Let’s give your potential fans the chance to stay connected, and come back.

Lack of credibility

Your testimonials and referrals are your gold. Are they showing up on your website?

Showcase your customers, and let them do your marketing for you.

Dated and disconnected

Being busy means no time to focus on using new tools to make your life easier.

Discover easy ways to use your website and social networks to improve leads.

No referral program

Are you making it easy for friends and fans to refer you to their networks?

Let’s create the materials and content that they’ll be excited to pass around.

 Small businesses are built on unique stories, and it deserves to be told.

But most of them are running flat for time, in between taking care of family, and trying to keep the lights on.

No strategy for the next 12 months, much less the next quarter.

With the galaxy of tools available today, most small businesses still haven’t stopped using the failed lessons of last century. Broadcasting, instead of showcasing.

I know. I’ve been there.

Hi, I’m Dominic. I dropped out of high school and college, working 80 hours a week for the family business. This was back before Facebook was a thing. Back when I used spreadsheets for client management, and manually merged email campaigns in Outlook.

I know the deep satisfaction that comes from touching people’s lives. From realizing that I was connecting a community that believed like me.

My passion will always be for the deeply human stories that drive small businesses to get back up and fight every, single, day.

Small businesses will always have the unique edge of authenticity, and speed. In a way corporations never can. 

Marketing is not an icky sales thing. It’s how you celebrate success, make stories, and showcase your audience.

And I would love to help you do it.

What makes Dream Again different?


Less random acts of content. Let’s hand craft your story, your fans’ stories, and showcase them.

Proactive Guide

Let’s make your marketing easier, and exciting again, so that people buy more, and refer you!

Personal Touch

I am fanatical about human communication, and a concierge experience. You expect nothing less.

“His ability to generate a beautiful, attractive and most importantly functional and user-friendly website is amazing.” Andrew Wood Director

“One of the best decisions I made was hiring Dominic to create a corporate identity for me.” 
Michael Cruz, Foresight Insurance

Premier Web Design

Inspire your visitors. Ensure they ‘get’ your story. Convert them into leads who want to pay you your premier rate.


Storytelling is the ancient skill of spellbinding people. Spellbind with the power of storytelling in your marketing.