Gorgeous websites & event design for speakers.

If you want to charge a premier rate, you have to look like a premier speaker.  Your story, your signature talk, and how you present must clearly convince event managers and planners. Contact us today to look phenomenal in print and online.

Get more Speaking Gigs

When you work with Dream Again, you get a free subscription to iFindYouClose. 5 speaking gigs a week are researched and presented to you, for you to close.

No contracts, cancel any time. 

Graphic Design for all Events

Be proactive about your next event by sending your event manager a perfectly designed poster that makes them – and you – look amazing. 

Capture your audience

Eliminate the need to sell from stage with event-specific landing pages. The most powerful tool in the kit. 

Help people sign up to your email list, take a feedback poll, and let them send you questions. 

Almost anything can be added to this page. The best part, it’s built into your website (ask about this). 

As easy as texting them the link during your event. 

Make your content work for you.

Convert your talks into an online course, an automated email mini-course, or snippets to share on social media. 


The smartphone idea that will change your speaking business, explode your mailing list, and capture your captive audience. 

Completely free. Get it now.

Top 6 areas that public speakers struggle with:

No marketing

Most public speakers have no strategy. They post on social, send emails when they can, and aren’t building an audience. They’re too busy to think ahead.

Premier design

Your website, signature talk, social posts, book covers, posters, and interviews aren’t being highlighted. Look phenomenal everywhere.

Clunky website

Is your website making it hard for people to book you? Is your media kit up to date and accessible?  Do you have a calendar of events, or a list of updated topics?

Lack of credibility

Are your testimonials and referrals on your website? Lists of logos of events you’ve spoken at? Your demo reel, or recent videos?


No content

You may have a ton of content, courses, perhaps a book. But can anyone access it? Let’s take what you have, and drive engagement.

No follow up

After attending your event, does your website and social marketing reinforce your message? Are your attendees able to continue their experience with you?

Public speakers really shine in a crowd.

That’s your gift; to inspire transformation. To educate. To take action.

Not wasting hours trying to make your website and your marketing work. How much time have you spent designing your own posters, posting on social media, and feeling uninspired?

Your signature talk is likely a life-changing 40 minutes. Does your website communicate that? 

A public speaker’s website needs to do 3 things for you; connect with your audience, inform and educate, and help you book speaking engagements.

Do you have a book, a course, a podcast? If your visitors aren’t given a chance to engage and admire your hard work, they won’t follow up.

100% of people who want to know more about you will search your website, expecting that it’s the only accurate, in-depth destination to learn more.

Hi, I’m Dominic. I have been branding and designing public speakers for 15 years, starting with my family business in motivational speaking. I’ve gone on to regularly design eye-popping tours for public speakers and celebrities across Australia. 

Is your brand surviving in spite of the #1 thing that should be carrying you? Your website.

Let’s change that.

What makes Dream Again different?


Less random acts of content. Let’s hand craft your story, your fans’ stories, and showcase them.

Proactive Guide

Let’s make your marketing easier, and exciting again, so that people buy more, and refer you!

Personal Touch

I am fanatical about human communication, and a concierge experience. You expect nothing less.

“His ability to generate a beautiful, attractive and most importantly functional and user-friendly website is amazing.” Andrew Wood Director

“One of the best decisions I made was hiring Dominic to create a corporate identity for me.” 
Michael Cruz, Foresight Insurance

“One of the most talented graphic designers and marketing specialists that I’ve worked with.” 
Joe Sparks | Director of Online Content, Seton