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Capture your captive audience

New and veteran public speakers struggle with the same thing; keeping business going between gigs. The Dream Again program helps you focus on using events to build a community, so that you stop selling all the time.  

Stand out

Stop blending in with poorly designed materials. Get marketing materials that matches your excitement, and inspires confidence. Delight your audience.


Make your content start working for you, instead of sitting unused. Convert it into blog series and courses that give people reason to sit up an engage.

Stay top of mind

Build a community around your mission, so that you and your audience have the same goal; attracting more friends. 


The smartphone idea that will change your speaking business, explode your mailing list, and capture your captive audience. 

Completely free. Get it now.

Top 6 areas that public speakers struggle with:

No marketing

Most public speakers have no strategy for building community. Identify the simplest things to start. 

Poor design

Your marketing materials  look dated, which affects how people perceive your message. Get a premier makeover.

Clunky website

Your website is making it hard for people to book you. Let’s make it easy for planners and audience alike.

Lack of credibility

Most speakers have rave reviews, but nowhere to be seen. Highlight your testimonials, video, and event referrals.


No content

You’ve created lot of content, even a book. But no one’s reading it. Let’s enrich your posts to spark engagement.

No follow up

After your event, attendees can’t continue the experience and join your community. Follow up to convert.

Jules White

Jules White

TEDx, Keynote Sales Speaker

“The process of working with you was seamless. You took time to totally understand what I needed…”

Raf Baron

Raf Baron

Feedback Coach

“Great listening skills, and the ability to connect on a personal level, which makes the entire process not only smooth, but it brings you peace of mind.”

Liam McKelvie

Liam McKelvie

Quad Amputee Speaker

“He takes time to speak face to face through video chat and is always full of fantastic ideas to help me take my speaking career forward.”

Get more Speaking Gigs

When you work with Dream Again, you get an optional, included subscription to iFindYouClose.

5 speaking gigs a week are researched and presented to you, for you to close.

No contracts, cancel any time. 

Graphic design for events & online engagement

Bring your brochures, business cards, and promotionals all onto the same page. 

Be proactive about your next event. Send your event manager a perfectly designed poster that makes them – and you – look amazing. 

Make your content work for you.

Convert your talks into an online course, an automated email mini-course, or snippets to share on social media. 

Enrich your existing, evergreen articles and posts with quote graphics, slides, and fresh headers so that you always have content to share. 

Capture your audience

Eliminate the need to sell from stage with event-specific landing pages. Help people sign up to your email list, take a feedback poll, and let them send you questions. 

The best part: it can be built into your website. You aren’t paying for extra software. 

As easy as texting them the link during your event. 

Your gift, your mission is to change the world.

You were meant to educate. To take action. To build a community around an idea worth sharing.

Your signature talk is a life-changing 40 minutes. It’s time to change careers, or start taking public speaking seriously.

But you’re wasting hours trying to make your website work. You’re designing your own posters, making graphics for social media, and feeling pretty uninspired.

Your website must be doing 3 things for you;

  • Help you book speaking engagements
  • Clearly connect you with your audience
  • Build a community around your mission

Stop hiding your book, your course, your content. Help visitors engage with your ideas, and sign up to keep being inspired by you. 

Hi, I’m Dominic. I have been branding and designing public speakers for 15 years, starting with my own family business in motivational speaking. 

I deeply believe in the power of ideas worth sharing. And stories worth telling. 

Most of all, in the power of a community worth creating.

Your speaking is not about you. It’s about connecting with people. I help you do that faster with branding and design.

When can we talk about your needs?


My playbook to capture your captive audience, build a tribe, and make the income you need – without selling from stage.