‘The Dream State’ Podcast: Season 1

Welcome to The Dream State, the podcast for small businesses and founders who dread the future, and want the freedom for better lives and better business.

I’m your host, Dominic, and we’ll be meeting fascinating humans who lost their dream, burned out trying to make it all work, and found a new reason to dream again.

These are their stories, their plans, and their advice.

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Why this podcast?

So many of us business owners started with a dream, an idea.

Life was going to be great, following your passion, or making enough money to let you chase that dream job.

But then reality kicked in like a ton of bricks. We’ve felt crushed by debt, medical expenses, business worries, and so on.

So we do what humans always do in danger; we shrink into survival mode.

We put our dreams on hold. We show up, get the job done, and sacrifice making an impact so that we can make a paycheck.

And then we shrivel up inside. That was never meant to be us. We have deep and lasting contributions to make to our communities. Or perhaps, just to ourselves. We think things, we want things, we love things.

Some people are happy and fulfilled doing simple things, following simple routines. The world turns because of them.

We’re the goal-chasers. The visionaries. The ones who envisage a new path, a new future, a different reality, and lay the groundwork so that others can carry on the torch.

And if our light has gone out, the world is missing the fire that is you. The push, the inspiration, the dream that you are meant to nurture and bring to life.

Enter the dream state.

This is the permission you give yourself to dream again. Now that you’ve learned the hard lessons, you have the experience to be practical, realistic, and perhaps even bolder about your future.

You’re now actually equipped to succeed.

But the #1 thing holding you back from it all, is you. Your mindset. And I say that from experience.

 I had dreams as a teen, as a young adult. But life suckerpunched me right as it all got going, and dreams were backburnered. 6 years later, I discovered that I had become passive about my future. I was just showing up, clocking out. I never took the reins, never imagined I could build anything myself.

But this fire in my gut won’t go out. I refuse to forever do work that made money, but means nothing to me.

So, very tentatively, I started imagining my future. I started wondering about what life would be like. I started dreaming again.

And I was shocked at the amount of energy and excitement that flooded back into my nerves and synapses. The renewed patience to do great work, the way out of burnout. Because I had a dream, and a plan, and I could see how it can happen.

I’m not alone. This is probably sounding like you, but you haven’t entered the dream state yet. You’ve flirted, but not committed.

The first step to making any sort of change, is to dream about it. To envisage the future. Its how we heal from anything. Your mind starts to imagine the reality that your heart has been hiding from. And then the rest of you starts falling in line.

Dream hard. Dream clear. And then start identifying what it takes to get there.

What are the small course corrections you need to take now so that a year from now you’re headed in the right direction?

That’s exactly what we’re looking to discover, explore, and learn from in this podcast.

Does it inspire you? Do you believe the same thing?

Do you sometimes get mad that everything seems to be working against you, but there’s this dang, beautiful fire deep inside that refuses to die? And its pulling you one way, while your life is pulling you another?

What if you fed it? What could your life be like? What things could you do?

Everything starts with a dream. I’m inviting you to dream again.

You in?

Apply to be on the ‘Dream Again’ Podcast

I’ll be honest; I’m looking for a variety of businesses. But the best entries I get will be showcased on the blog as extra reading.

We’re here to change the world, people. To create a better state of life. It starts with the dream state.

I have a dream. Do you?