The DREAMS Map: My 6-Step Roadmap to Building a Human Brand

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Latest

Storytelling spellbinds people. And brings them together. Give your tribe the gift of your excitement and direction, and each other. Take your brand from blah to brilliant, with stories worth sharing.

This Dream Map framework acts like a roadmap for your brand. Whether a veteran or pioneer brand, you’ve realized that you want to bring more of who you are in to focus. And you want to improve how your tribe connects with you, and each other.

People want to do more than just buy from you. They can buy into you.

Review the 6 areas of your brand using my DREAMS acronym: Dream, Relevance, Empathy, Affinity, Meaning, Storytelling.

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Hi, I’m Dominic! A novelist-turned-marketer, who believes that connecting people faster gets things done! Your stories are the key to branding that stands out, content that spellbinds, and marketing that stays top of mind.  Meet Dominic →

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