storytelling websites for speakers, authors & small business

Most web designers just give you fancy layouts. Others tell you to SEO like crazy. But none of it matters if you haven’t captured your story to inspire your visitors. Dream Again helps you spellbind with story, so that your website isn’t a dated dud, but a Dream Machine.

Liam McKelvie
Quad Amputee Speaker

Dominic has helped me by creating a fantastic website and marketing material.

Jules White
TEDx, Keynote Sales Speaker

[Building 2 websites] was a really great experience – thank you Dominic for your care and fabulous customer experience.

Raf Baron
Feedback Coach, Speaker

Your website is your story, and Dominic knows how to craft it for you!

Dream Machine

If your website is dated, broken, or ugly, let’s fix it. Premier, professional design inspires trust. Because it communicates the quality of your service.

Get a clear, professional website to help people believe in you and buy into you. Show up when people search for you.

Within 6 weeks, you can start showcasing your tribe, and completely change how visitors engage with you – for the better. See FAQs

1. Schedule a call

Let’s meet to discuss and explore your needs. We can work up a custom plan and budget.


2. Review the contract

Review and sign the contract so that we can begin work.

3. Get a premier site

We dive into the clarifying and designing your website, with one goal. Help you sell more.

The Dream Again Design Experience

1. Discovery

First we start with you, bringing your messaging, vision and strategy up to date.

  • Clarify your message
  • Update your branding
  • Craft a strategy

2. Modern Website

In 6 weeks or less, your new website will incorporate your feedback, and launch.

  • Premier Design, Branding
  • 3 Rounds of Feedback
  • 2 meetings per week

3. Support & Design

Get all the graphic and digital design you need to grow, and look phenomenal.

  • Graphic & digital design
  • Lead magnet
  • Email Audience

Free Site Audit

What your website should have:


Branding & Typography

Readability and use of good typography. Spacing. Intentional image choices that resonate with your audience. A color palette that expresses your brand.


Home page breakdown

Your website clearly communicates a solution to a specific audience’s problem – in under 7 seconds. Identify your unique value proposition. Use of headlines. Links to website sections. Prominent calls to action.


User experience

Loading times on desktop and mobile. Accessibility on smartphones. Clear and consistent navigation between all pages. Contact forms are easy to use. Contact info and social links are clear.


Lead Generation

Every page has a call to action that helps convert visitors. Lead magnets have a clear function. Blog posts and contact pages are consistent with a ‘next step’ for visitors.

Web Design FAQs

Before we start:

What are your qualifications?

I have over 9 years of experience in building premier, modern, websites. I’ve spent 15+ years in copywriting and storytelling.

How is the project managed?

With a personal touch. After meeting with me (Dominic), I’ll work with you over the next 3-4 weeks to manage the project, and build it your feedback.  

Can you create a new logo for me?

Yes. It is an additional service, so let’s about my process for a comprehensive logo package.

Will my site be responsive, and work on any device?

Definitely. Since most online traffic is on mobile, I guarantee a pleasant experience of your site for everyone.

Can you build an e-commerce site?

Let’s talk about what you need. Most consultants and speakers have a few products. Small businesses might want their inventory online, which is a much larger project.

Let’s discuss your custom solution, and if I’m the right fit for you, or if we need to involve a specialist.

Are your sites custom built, or templated?

There’s a difference between fitting you into a template, and having a methodology.

Every website is custom-built, but follows a methodology.

The goal is to always help you stand out from the competition.

Can I see other sites you've designed?

Absolutely.  Explore my portfolio.

Do you handle domain name registration?

Yes, I can handle setting up, transfer, or repointing your domain to your new website. 

If I get the sense that it is going to be an involved process, I will let you know that I may need to bring in a specialist. Their fees will be on top of mine. 

What are your payment terms?

Unless we discuss a monthly plan, or payment in full, most plans are a split-payment plan: 50% down to start the project, and 50% to complete it.

The Process

How long is your average website process?

6 weeks. Every 2 weeks is a phase devoted to an aspect of the process:

  • Phase 1: Discovery. Information and content gathering.
  • Phase 2: Structure & Planning. Round 1 of the site design and feedback.
  • Phase 3: Design & Review. We finalise and launch.

 Let’s talk if you need a different time frame.

Who will write the content?

Usually we collaborate. I will meet with you to talk through the pages, and gather ideas and ‘data’ from you.

I can draft each page, either as a stub to get your thoughts going, or rewrite your existing content for clarity.

As you can imagine, it’s less cost to you if you provide everything. I can then copyedit, and craft the value propositions for each page. 

What do you need from me to start?

I will provide an initial quiz, and a welcome page to show you what you can expect.

We will need to schedule our first core meeting to discuss structure and strategy.

All logo files, graphics and photos should be uploaded to our asset area. All text will be pre-agreed on.

For most sessions, 50% of your fee is required to start.  

How many pages will my website have?

Most websites are 5-7 pages; including

  • Home
  • About
  • Service 
  • Blog
  • Conversion Page
  • Contact 

I can build out service, product/book, and location pages for you now or later.

Will I be able to see the website while you're building it?

Definitely. You will be able to give feedback on the visual direction in week 5. Until then, all our time is spent on messaging and page layout.

Will you find images for my website?

Absolutely. I recommend that you take fresh photos of yourself, your team, your products, and your environment, for a more unique website.

If that’s not possible, I provide 1 round of searching for free photos, or stock photos. Image costs like these are additional to the website rate.

How many rounds of revisions are there?

You will have 1 round for visual feedback.

Round 2 is for content editing.

Your 30 days after launch: if you see any issues or bugs, I will jump in there for free to fix them.

After Launch

Will I own my website once it’s launched?

Absolutely. I will continue to support and develop it as long as you need me.

Should you decide to take your business elsewhere, I will happily turn over to you all the files and information we have, and do my best to get you safely migrated.

What search engine optimization or marketing do you do?

Your website comes with standard, organic SEO, such as the right headers, titles, meta text, and data to show up well on Google. I hire a specialist to handle this part of your project.

Contact me today with further questions.

What other services do you provide?

Ask me! I have experience with most areas branding, copywriting, and design for small businesses. If I can’t do it, I’ll find a professional who can, and handle it for you. 

Can I add a page after my site is launched?

Absolutely. I am ready and willing to help you build out what you need. 

Or if you want the freedom to make changes on your own, I’ll provide training or short video walkthroughs.

Rates for any work done are pre-agreed, with suggested hours.

Will I able to make edits to my site?

Yes. Once the site is live, I can show you how you can make edits, and create video walkthroughs that you can refer to.

If you need help with larger edits,  I am always on hand to help. 

What support can I get after my website is launched?

Same day or next day turnaround is the promise, unless we agree on a scheduled time. 

Your monthly retainer gives you a monthly meeting, and near-instant response times.

Your investment

Up to 5-7 pages of beautiful, crisp content and design that people and algorithms will love. 

Average 6 Week Process:

  • Discovery Phase: 2 Weeks
  • Content Phase: 2 Weeks
  • Design Phase: 2 Weeks
  • Launch!

Hosting & Maintenance: $100 p/month



 Remake or rebuild your existing website. You provide all the content and images. 

Launched in 1-2 weeks.

Contact me today for a more accurate proposal based on your needs.

Dream Machine


Build a brand new website, or refresh your site from scratch.

Branding & messaging session (Dream Up) included.  

Launched in 6 weeks or less.

Contact me today for a more accurate proposal based on your needs.