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share your message, grow your tribe, & change the world.

Your brand doesn’t feel exciting and personal. 

You’re running ads to a broken, boilerplate website. Your mailing list doesn’t listen. All your time on social feels wasted. And its incredibly frustrating, because you have an incredibly unique dream. A story worth sharing.

You’re beginning to see that you could be a quiet leader. A passionate one. And the stirrings of a tribe surround you, like scattered feathers to weld into wings. 

You’ve studied CRMs. Churned through marketing books and networking groups. What are you missing? Storytelling. We’re all taught marketing. We’ve never been taught storytelling.

The last piece to your puzzle: you. You’re realizing that in all your frantic, fantastic journey, you never took a step back to clarify your story, your dream, and your message.

Storytelling spellbinds people. And brings them together. Give your tribe the gift of your excitement and direction, and each other. Take your brand from blah to brilliant.

With stories worth sharing.

Dream Again Marketing

Everyone needs to be able to tell stories. 

But they seem hard to do. They aren’t. They can be very specific. And therefore easy.  And you can do it. 

I’m  a novelist who worked backwards into marketing and branding. Bit of rebel, like you.

Here’s my 3-step process to help you turn your brand into a dream maker.

Charbel Raish
Director of Parousia, Speaker

I have had the privilege to work with Dominic for over 7 years… He has a clear vision and can get the best out of you when trying to find out what you are looking for.

Jules White
TEDx, Keynote Sales Speaker

Overall this was a really great experience – thank you Dominic for your care and fabulous customer experience.

Raf Baron
Feedback Coach, Speaker

Dominic has great listening skills and the ability to connect with you on a personal level, which makes the entire process not only smooth, but it brings you the peace of mind that you need.

Joe Sparks
Director of Online Content, Seton

“One of the most talented graphic designers and marketing specialists that I’ve worked with.”

Jeremy Minick
Founder, Enable

A game-changing designer: he delivers a premium level of design and he delivers on time. The more drive and passion you have for your idea, the more he’ll fuel your vision.

Katherine Scott
Manager, Elegant Peak

Dominic is second to none in his ability to actively listen to a client’s story, ask insightful questions, and then produce materials that communicate the heart of a company’s brand beautifully.

Taylor Schroll
Outreach Marketing Director at Ablaze Ministries, Speaker

After spending 30 minutes with Dominic, he gave me a ton of great ideas to engage my audiences both during and after events.

Michael Cruz
Foresight Insurance

“One of the best decisions I made was hiring Dominic to create a corporate identity for me.”

Paola Ciskanik

He has the uncanny ability to quickly translate this vision into a reality for the client.” 

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Dominic de Souza

Storyteller, Marketer

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, studied in Fiji and France, now living in the United States. After writing my first novel at 13, I spent 15 years in marketing and design. Today, I help wildly-passionate small businesses clarify their story to spellbind audiences.  Sign up for my weekly digest!