Launch a brand you believe in, so that clients pay you – and refer you!

DreamAgain Marketing workshops your notes on a napkin into a stunning brand. Get a logo, beautiful templates, and a simple action plan (handcrafted to work with your unique needs). Start building your future today. Why wait? Enjoy freedom now.

Clarify your message

Know your audience

Build a plan

Launch fast

Dream Again Marketing

Branding that’s perfect for wildly-passionate humans:


who have a business idea and need help bringing it to life and design


who want to refocus, refresh, and create a clearer message


who are tired of ‘fake marketing’ and want a strategy built for you

Branding & Design 

Hi there, I’m Dominic, founder of DreamAgain. I’m a work-from-home branding specialist (+ novel-writer), who spent 1000+ hours learning and field-testing brand launches.

Now I’m paying it forward to help more startups and introverts define your own success, create freedom, and charge more – because your brand inspires confidence.

Check out my Brand Dash below to see how quickly we can get you launched.

What’s your dream?


You have an amazing idea, but…


You don’t know where to start in all the details


You’re busy, cash-strapped, and need to create income


You can’t figure this out on your own


You’re an introvert, so marketing it makes you anxious

Imagine these simple steps:

A fast, field-tested launch process that just works

A conversational workshop to talk through simple templates

Brand strategy brainstorming and logo designs

Confidence to start marketing where you’re in control

Create a brand that brings you more freedom

The freedom to step away from work when you need

Spark conversations with the audience that matters to you

Confidence to raise rates, because you’re earning it

Bring incredible value and leadership to your clients

Create your own freedom, and charge more – because you stand out from the rest.

Who is a Brand Dash for?

  • Are you passionate, eager-to-learn, and hungry to get busy? 
  • Are you ready to build a thriving brand you look forward to sharing?
  • Do you get excited by the idea of serving people and helping to fuel their success?

Then this one-to-one workshop could be amazing for you!

Your brand starts with you. You are the center of your brand – your vision, your time, your energy. That’s why all of the brainstorming and note-taking comes back to that center. 

Waking up one day and feeling like quitting happens to us all. But… I guarantee much of that comes from wasting energy in all the wrong places. Doing tons of busy work. Comparing yourself to someone else’s success.

Build a brand you believe in, so that clients will pay you, and refer you.

Here’s how we ignite your excitement:

Discover the excitement of a Brand Dash.

Schedule your video call workshop

Talk through the templates to get clarity

Get a pack of gorgeous designs you’ll want to share everywhere

Here’s how the brand dash process works:


Schedule a short intro video call to meet and chat.


Work together over a live videocall to talk through your brand process.


Get your DreamAgain Essentials kit with everything you need to start.


Share your brand with friends, fans, and future clients – and wow them.

The 3 Phases of a Brand Dash Worksop

Dreams Map

Start with a 6-step overview of your brand and marketing plan.

Talk through your vision, and where you’re unclear. 

45 minute session

Lucid Branding

Go deeper the areas we think of first – your audience, how to connect with them, the unique way you solve their problems, and your client’s story journey.

 Build an action strategy.

45 minute session

Dream Branding

Go below the surface, and get meta. Get clear about colors, images, and how you want people to feel about your brand.

Bring focus to your work, content, and how you reach people.  

45 minute session

Over 10 years, I’ve hosted 100+ branding workshops, built 200+ websites, and shipped 6000+ designs.

We love making people look good, and sound amazing.

Katherine Scott

Katherine Scott

Manager, Elegant Peak

“Second to none in his ability to actively listen to a client’s story, ask insightful questions, and then communicate the heart of a company’s brand beautifully.”

Christine Collins

Christine Collins

Mad Monks Coffee Shop

“He worked carefully to really know and appreciate the heart of our business, using his insight to develop what we ourselves couldn’t always put into words.”

Joe Sparks

Joe Sparks

Director of Online Content, Seton

“Dominic is one of the most talented graphic designers and marketing specialists that I’ve had the good fortune to work with.”

Candice Parsons

Candice Parsons


“Dominic gave me clear, specific and objective insights I was unable to see for myself. He’s also a veritable *idea-machine*.”

Paola Ciskanik

Paola Ciskanik


“He has the uncanny ability to quickly translate your vision into reality in a myriad of modes such as branding, website design… and so much more.”

Taylor Schroll

Taylor Schroll

Outreach Marketing Director, Speaker

“I often find myself too busy to think outside the box. After 30 minutes, he gave me a ton of great ideas to engage my audiences both during and after events.”

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Are you ready to burst with confidence at a beautiful, professional brand?

For 10 years, I’ve been delving deep into the mechanics and wisdom of branding, and immediately testing everything. I field-test everything on myself. 

My Brand Dash guides you through a 3-step process:

  1. Lucid Brand: What your business does and why
  2. Dream Brand: How it looks and feels
  3. Dream Plan: Where you can start

Dominic de Souza - Dream Again