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Are you a wildly-passionate small business or content creator?

Most speakers, authors, podcast hosts are powerful at getting things done. But that ‘creative side’ is killing your time and focus. Free up time, connect faster with people, and stand out with stunning branding and design.

So, does this sound like you?

It’s been several years since you’ve started. Your email list is dead, you know you need more social engagement, and content to spark conversations.

But you’re always busy. Always.

So spending time with tech support to tweak your site,  create graphics in Canva, or make your old posts more exciting, is sucking your soul to death

You’re tired of finding new people to trust to get the work done. You want a partner.

You want help with retention. Connection. Engagement. 

You’re a thought leader – but you don’t look it. Your ideas are cutting edge, but you look dated. You’re a leader, but you don’t stand out.

Aaand so no one takes you seriously. If you could just get the chance to sit back, take a huge, sweet sigh of relief… 

Stop guessing about what makes you stand out.

Here’s my tried-and-true, 3-step exercise – using something you already have! Get instant clarity for your brand and your fans. Join my list today, and get the worksheet.

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Here’s what happens when you work with Dream Again:

Your website is beautiful, modern, and professional, bringing you confidence. And conversions!

You’ve ignited your excitement – just from a few short convos and simple brainstorming!

You’re falling in love with your brand all over again – people will ‘get’ you faster now!

Get excited at your graphics (conversation-starters)!


Your content sounds like you! It’s human, real, and exciting.

You’ve saved a metric ton of time (even taken time off!)  

Dream Again does only 3 things. Really well.

Branding to stand out.  Websites and design to spellbind. Marketing strategies to stay top of mind.

Branding & marketing to stand out & stay top of mind.

Branding and marketing to persuade, inspire, and motivate people, to build community, and create connection.

Websites to win hearts & move minds.

Easy to use, modern, and beautiful, your website is built around your storymaking.

Graphic design to spellbind & convert.

Design to win hearts and minds. Simple and stunning so that you always stand out.

Dream Again helps you take your brand from blah to brilliant.

Hi, I’m Dominic, passionate about how storytelling and design connects people together.

You can expect 4 core things in working with me:

  1. Frustration free: I’m fanatical about personal contact with video chat or a phone call, and same day or next day support.
  2. Beautiful & modern: Your marketing materials never look dated – even in a decade.
  3. Create for connection: Human-first marketing strategy to spellbind and fascinate.
  4. Trust & collaborate: Bring on a partner who invests in you just as much as you do in me.
Charbel Raish

Charbel Raish

Director of Parousia, Speaker

“Often we don’t know exactly what we are looking for, but Dominic seems to ask the right questions and give us options and a real image of the story we need to tell.”

Katherine Scott

Katherine Scott

Manager, Elegant Peak

“Second to none in his ability to actively listen to a client’s story, ask insightful questions, and then communicate the heart of a company’s brand beautifully.”

Jeremy Minick

Jeremy Minick

Founder, Enable

“He’s a joy to work with, and the more drive and passion you have for your idea, the more he’ll fuel your vision forward.”

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