Meet Dominic de Souza

Storyteller, visual designer, marketer.

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, studied in Fiji and France, now living in the United States.

Ever since my first novel at 13, my passion for storytelling has helped brands clarify their message, and excite with beautiful design. 

In the last 15 years, I’ve been fortunate to work with branding, marketing, and design for amazing people. After running 2 magazines for a private school, I turned to branding and web design for roofers, plumbers, and home services.

That’s when I realized each of them had strong stories, and vibrant visions. But none of them leaned into their story to create a truly exciting branding and marketing.

So, in 2019, I launched Dream Again Marketing, to help small, wildly-passionate brands tell their stories to spellbind audiences.

My lovely little family; Maria (Peanut) on the left, Maria on the right. 

My first business hire. Meet Kiffles, HR. See Instagram

My first book (self-published). Read more about it here.

My Story: where my dream came from, and why I love small, smart, & savvy business.

I grew up in a family business right as social media switched on. My dad had incredible resilience as a traveling speaker, because he would reboot his career on a new continent every decade.

I moved 25 times before I was 21. Working at his side for 5 years convinced me that I never, ever wanted to run my own business. As an introvert, I was terrified to see such a charismatic man struggle to pay bills every. single. day.

And then my story took off. And like every good story, it’s never a happy beginning. 

Paperwork accidentally disappeared. I lost my Sydney job. Lost my family support (travelling issues). Lost my wife’s health days after our wedding. Had nowhere to live but the attic of a cow farm in Tennessee. (A cow almost killed me too… ask me sometime!)

I panicked for a year, taking any online design work I could, until I fluked into a phenomenal position at at a private school. And then had to leave that for a remote job to be home more.

And then I was let go from that remote job, right as I started thinking about my own brand. That’s when health insurance let me know they weren’t covering our 100K in medical debt.  

My only option was to dive into my own business with no runway, and no sales experience. I was scared spitless. 

My plan – then and now- was to network and value-add to success, without spending a dime in travelling or advertising.  

Looking back now, it was the best thing to happen to me. All those years of craziness gave me insights I couldn’t have bought. They made me a better person.

My first promise to myself was to never think that my priorities were someone else’s problem. So on day 1, I started an interview podcast to highlight other people, and learn through conversation. 

As 2020 swings round, I’m taking it a step up. I’ve started a magazine and new podcast to showcase the stories of small, smart, and savvy businesses. All of it to help others, win friends, and be influenced by good people. 

And these odds aren’t unusual. Many of us struggle with them. And I know, because I keep meeting you every day. Thanks to building a business based on real relationships, I haven’t missed a bill, and am building a future where I get to choose who I work with.

Like you, my story isn’t over. They say failure is the best teacher? I say she’s the best cure for ego, and the best breeding ground for better, more exciting ideas. 

And that’s my dream. To build a business that helps people like us thrive and find success – on our own terms – without having to adspend our way to success.  

We can spellbind, and our stories are the fastest way to fascinate.