Meet Dominic de Souza

Storyteller, visual designer, marketer.

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, studied in Fiji and France, now living in the United States. Writing my first novel at 13 opened a door to storytelling, and that anything is possible.

In the last 15 years, I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing people. Each of them have strong stories, and vibrant visions. But none of them leaned into their story to spellbind audiences.

So, in 2019, I started Dream Again Marketing.

My lovely little family; Maria (Peanut) on the left, Maria on the right. 

My first business hire. Meet Kiffles, HR. See Instagram

Sometimes it’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the bottle.

My skills as a novelist bring you and your marketing a unique edge. I can help you see things from the outside, the way your clients do.

Averaged reading 2 novels a week as a kid.

Wrote my first novel at 13, and the sequel at 16.

14 years in graphic design for print & web.

20 years writing stories, novels, and copywriting. Graduate of the Writer’s Institute for Children’s Literature.

50+ branding and message clarity sessions with startups and businesses

100+ websites built

Read 158 books on my Kindle in 2018 (no idea how)

200+ podcasts on marketing listened to.

Some fun...

Now, I could give you my resume. But hey, that’s what Linkedin is for. So you can head on over there for my work history

I want to share with you the interesting stuff. 

Like why I’m an accidental world traveller, and where I’ve been.

That part of my story started before I was born. My dad was a motivational speaker with wanderlust, born in Brazil, married a Californian girl during a stint in Canada, and hung his shingle in New Zealand when he couldn’t make South Africa work.

Then came me. And 7 other kids. One of those huge families where sharing and storytelling come naturally. 

Growing up in New Zealand, I remember drinking raw milk, warm from the cow over a handful of gooseberries. Windblown fields and grey skies.

I leaned into the early morning gale at Easter Island, while waiting for the 727 to refuel.

The dense, bright humidity of Singapore, as clean as a diamond and crawling with midnight cats.

Dinner with the royal family of Brazil, deep in the ancient traditions of Sao Paolo, over masses of feijoada.

I dropped pebbles off the side of the Corcovado in Rio.

I chased frogs in Fiji and made friends over bonfires, going to grade school with Hindi children, and stood in dirt lines for coveted ice cream cones.

Tore up and down the white beaches on Nananu-i-ra, sucking wild mangoes from the trees, and floated over deep blue coral wells, thick with colored parrotfish.

Climbed through purple clouds of jacaranda trees in Australia (spiked with bees), kicked my way through Karate, and biked like Stranger Things was real.

Long hours sitting on verandahs or the corrugated aluminum of the garage roof, staring at kangaroos, kookaburras, and the outback over a book.

Long walks in the misty, early hours in a tiny French town, buying baguettes for breakfast.

I stared into the stalls of the Lippizaner stallions in Austria, and sailed down the Danube, skirting castles and forests.

I remember being snowed out of home in Pennsylvania, having to park the van at the bottom of the hill and trudge through the drifts up to home.

I busked in small, picturesque towns, like Jim Thorpe, and sang with my family choir at a local bakery.

Flew to Arizona, and baked in heat as hot as a radiator off a car engine. Searched the desert stars above the Scottsdale Quarter for meaning in the depths of depression.  

Barbequed in a snowstorm 5 minutes off paved roads in the Front Royal forests.

Married a fiery, beautiful woman, and promptly had a fiery, beautiful girl.

Today, settled in a small home in South Carolina, and my adventure’s only just begun.

Because now you and I’ve connected.