Jules White

Keynote Sales Speaker website

Jules White is the world’s female keynote speaker on sales. Her brand Live it, Love it, Sell it, needed a streamlined website to help her book more events.

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Jules White

Jules White

TEDx, Keynote Sales Speaker

“The process of working with you was seamless. You took time to totally understand what I needed…”

Thank you for the wonderful website that you produced for me Dominic. I didn’t have a website for my speaker business so it has been such an asset for me. I’m now able to send a link to anyone interested in booking me and they can see all of the critical information they require and beautifully presented. This is already making a great difference for me and people love it too!

The process of working with you was seamless. You took time to totally understand what I needed, and I was always aware of every stage of the build, what you needed from me and timescales of when you would deliver.

Everything was on point with my brand and I have a truly professional site. I am recommending you to everyone at the moment and will continue to do so.

Overall this was a really great experience – thank you Dominic for your care and fabulous customer experience.

Jules White, a story of sales

Helping businesses to find their UHP – Unique Human Proposition™ TEDx Speaker. Best Selling Author. Dragon Slayer. Podcast Host

Jules White’s journey in sales started in the bullpen itself. She made a choice to change the tone of one of her phone calls, because it felt pushy. Instead, she focused on building a human connection.

Then the company allowed her to run a trial, where all sales calls followed this new model. She discovered a passion for helping – not hassling – people into a sale. Prices went up, trust went up, morale went up.

Fired up by this new way to do sales, she nurtured a dream to consult and coach companies. She turned her thoughts into a bestseller, accepted speaking engagements, built a fan base, and runs a regular podcast, ‘The Human Connection.’

Accepting an invite to speak at TedX Brighton opened new doors and new ideas.

Her existing site suffered from design issues, looked strange on smart devices, and had too many elements happening at once. 

She needed  streamlined website just for her public speaking. This way event planners and agents could quickly see videos, testimonials, her speaker kit, and past events. 

Hungry to continue championing this new vision for putting humanity back into sales, she partnered with Dream Again to build her website.

Today, she’s continuing to build her dream to be the world’s keynote woman speaker for humanizing sales.

What we worked on:


Event planners look for proof, so we featured testimonials and logos from past events, and dedicated a page to showcasing more.


Together we identified her Unique Human Proposition™, and built her About page to help visitors understand Jules’ value. 


A running list of upcoming and past events shows that you’re active, and sought after.  


Every speaker needs to highlight their videos, so we showcased the most important ones on the homepage, and then listed the remainder on a dedicated page. 

Clear Conversion

The site is held together by a simplified menu, and every page ends with a call to action to book Jules.

Clean Design

Jules had a great logo, but her web design didn’t express her quality and professionalism. We used high quality pictures, and a refreshed use of her color palette.