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Small, Smart & Savvy

Feb 2020 Launch issue of ‘Small, Smart, & Savvy’ 

It’s a weekly, mini magazine 100% focused on sharing the stories behind small business success. 

I’ve learned 2 things from following the small, smart, and savvy folk on LinkedIn:

  • Everyone has a story worth sharing.
  • We all need more examples of small business success – on small business terms.

So, here’s how I’m giving back this 2020.

I’m focusing on highlighting your stories. Not your brand story. Yours. The magic behind the mask.

This first microzine (like a mini magazine) gives us a taste. It’s geared to make you look amazing, and bring you a whole new asset to your marketing.

Send me your story! I’ll respond with prompts to help you shine.

There’s no cost, no fees, no risk. We all win.

I’m beyond excited to be launching this with you!

This month is spent gathering your stories. By the end of February, the series will start (perhaps sooner!)


Magazine and podcast coming soon! Sign up to be part of the fun when it launches. 

Download the PDF

Print it off, read it anywhere, have fun with it!

Unsure if your story is worth telling?

Send it to me for free feedback.

Nominate a friend!

Who deserves to be featured? Introduce us on Linkedin!