About Dream Again Marketing

You shouldn’t be dreading the future. Dream about it.

Here’s what you and I believe about doing business. 

In fact, we can’t imagine doing it any other way. 

We live and breathe our business, right? We’re busy in the details, calling and talking to people, trying to carve time to write and create… but

  • There are so many little details.
  • We rush from meal to meal.
  • Every minute not working feels like we’re setting up for failure for next month.

How did it get to this point? This helpless, anxious, choking drowning feeling?

It all started so beautifully. You were so excited, and all the stars were aligning. A dream come true? 

When was the last time you did one of your hobbies? That something creative, or artistic, or volunteer-type? When did you last spend real time with family, without feeling guilty? Is all your extra money spilling straight back into your brand?

That’s not a way to thrive. You know that. And it’s eating at you. You used to think about vacations – relaxing, exploring, discovering things with a few, deep friends.

Does any of this sound like you? That’s because it’s me too.

We’re always bending over backwards for everyone. Why can’t we see income as a happy fuel that validates and brings magic to life?

Instead, we have a hard time charging for our services. We sure wish we didn’t. Money feels like a necessary evil. We shy away from asking for thousands of dollars. We feel comfortable asking for smaller amounts. And so the cycle keeps turning…

Let me guess: your website was the last thing you invested in. Perhaps 10 years ago. You dabbled in a few ads, but really hate how much thinking goes into it all.

If you could, you’d be creating content, and magic, and mayhem.

Not worrying about saying for retirement.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to donate some of your income to charities? I know I’d love to. Or even my time and energy instead.

So what’s the massive issue here?

We have a hard time with marketing. We don’t know where to start, because it always seems to be about pushing people to buy something. You’d rather give it all away, and focus on friendships. But how is that a winning strategy?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a deep-thinking introvert, or an extrovert who can charm a room in 5 seconds. You just don’t want to be doing strategy and online engagement. You want to be doing things with people.

So we need to fix this. We need to help you get back to sleep at night, good sleep. Restful sleep. And not lying there worrying about making payments two months from now. Worrying about savings that lets you breathe again. Worry about failing in your family’s eyes.

It doesn’t have to be this rat race.

You can’t be consigned to drudgery forever, because that’s the price for attempting to dream a dream. 

We need to kill that dull, ongoing burn that flares into fright, puts you in pitbull mode, and lash out at others.

Perhaps you’re telling yourself, “it will get better, someday. It has to. We’re going to be ok.” But deep down, you fear that it won’t.

It can get better. It can be incredible. That happy, airy feeling of freedom to know that you’re ok, that it’ll be ok, that you’re not alone? It exists.

That freedom to relax and think about the dream again? It can happen.

We can dissolve that stress, that worry. 

So here’s what needs to happen.

You need to have enough income and freedom from working to do the things that matter, like speaking, travelling touring, reading, or volunteering.

It shouldn’t be this hard to follow a dream.

And you’d be right!

Can I share with you an answer? Because there’s a ton out there. But here’s mine.

It’s your tribe.

All that angst around medical debt, rent, bills, and a better life can be fixed, when you stop going it alone.

How can we fix that?

First of all, we need to ensure that the way you’re communicating with people is actually working.

9 times of of 10, your brand needs to be clarified and overhauled, because it isn’t 1990 anymore. Or you’re starting from scratch because you can’t or won’t retire.

And then your website needs to come to life with all your excitement and energy.

When you’re communicating clearly, and looking like a million bucks, then your fans and visitors will realize something.

They’ll realize that you’re a leader. That you have the clarity and the direction that they also want.

Give them a chance to buy into you. A chance to join you. To stay in touch, help you grow, become your ambassadors.

You have a dream. And it’s worth sharing. Are you sharing it with all the inspiration it deserves?

That’s what I’m here for.

And I can’t wait to meet you.

Motivate your fans. Convert them. Improve referrals. 

Align your website and marketing with your dream. 

My Mission

Helping you build empathic, human connections with people, so that you can truly inspire and motivate.

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