About Dream Again Marketing

Clear stories motivate tribes to act.

Everyone needs to be able to tell stories. But they seem hard to do. They aren’t. They can be very specific. And therefore easy. And you can do it. I’m a fun-loving novelist, rebel-empath (is that a thing?) who loves branding and marketing. You shouldn’t be dreading the future. Dream about it.


If you can’t connect with a tribe, your dream dies. Dream Again helps you spellbind through storytelling, and see marketing as a way to bring purpose and leadership. Your story is worth sharing, and your tribe needs you to lead them.

People come together and take action because of stories. Stories make tribes. Tribes make things happen.

Dream Again helps wildly passionate, small businesses tell your core stories to solve your marketing, improve your revenue, and ignite excitement in people.

Dream Again exists because if leaders can inspire their fans, they all tribe together, and the dream comes to life.

You love creating content, and magic, and mayhem.

But does your brand feels like a deadweight, instead of wings?

You’ve tried to do everything right. And perhaps you’ve been doing it the same way for ages. You’ve read up on marketing, listened to podcasts, and talked with people.

And now you’ve realized you’re missing something. Storytelling. No one ever taught you that. 

You need to bring your tribe together, and spellbind them with the stories you’re all creating.

But you’re just so busy.

  • There are so many little details.
  • You rush from meal to meal.
  • Every minute not working feels like we’re setting up for failure for next month.

How did it get to this point?

When was the last time you did something creative, or artistic, or personally fulfilling? When did you last spend real time with family, without feeling like you were wasting time?

You know that’s not a way to thrive. And it’s eating at you.

Does any of this sound like you? That’s because it’s me too.

  • We’re always bending over backwards for everyone.
  • We have a hard time charging for our services.
  • You invested in a website 5 years ago, but you’ve evolved.

Your brand doesn’t feel like ‘you’ any more.


I refuse to believe that drudgery is the price for dreaming a dream.


It can get better. It can be incredible. That happy, airy, flying feeling of freedom. Knowing that it’ll be okay. You’re not alone.

It does exist.


It shouldn’t be this hard to follow a dream.

And you’d be right!

Here’s my answer to all this.

It’s your tribe. The people out there who believe the same thing, but don’t have your chutzpah to get things moving. They’re waiting for you and your story.

Stop going it alone.

9 times of of 10, your brand needs to be clarified, and your dream spelled out. You need to get back to the unique magic you started with.

And then your website needs to come to life with all your excitement and energy.

When you’re communicating clearly, and looking like a million bucks, then your fans and visitors will realize something.

You’re a leader. That you have the clarity and the direction that they also want.

Give them a chance to buy into you. A chance to join you. To stay in touch, help you grow, become your ambassadors.

You have a dream. And it’s worth sharing. Are you sharing it with all the inspiration it deserves?

That’s what I’m here for.

And I can’t wait to meet you.

Key books that define me as a marketer: