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Am I a Foodie? Not really. Doesn’t my marketing show it?

by | Dec 10, 2019 | Latest

On our drive down to visit family this last Thanksgiving, my wife said something like, “Everyone thinks you’re a total foodie.”


“Because you’re always cooking.”

Let’s clear something up. I’m no gastronomist. I do love cooking shows, but not enough to actually find my life’s purpose crafting baguettes and brioche and brisket.

It’s just something that happened after getting married. My wife was in poor health, so I went from boiling eggs to learning how to julienne vegetables, fry onions without crying, and make soup. A good recipe follower.

It’s a backhanded privilege, I guess, but apart from running my own business, I also make 3 home-cooked meals a day. No pizza, takeout, or cereal allowed. (Diet restriction stuff…)

Where is all this going?

My extended family thinks I’m a foodie, and not because I am. But because that’s what they see me doing all the time.

That made me think about business.

What are people seeing you do? What are you talking about?

It’s really likely that you’re being known for what you’re often seen doing. You’ll get filed away in the memory banks – which is normal. We all have limited headspace.

But are you in the right space?

So that’s what I’m doing now. Taking fresh stock of what I’m doing.

If my business is all about storytelling first, then I should post about that. More often than other things.

If you post about too many things, then we don’t know what key idea to associate with you.

Some would call it being strategic with your content.

I think I don’t want to be known as a foodie.

And now I’m heading off to make wings, fried zucchini, and fingerling potatoes. Don’t judge me.

What about you?

So what do you think? Leave a comment.

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Dominic de Souza is a novelist-turned-marketer. He believes that passionate small businesses should stop with ads and funnels, and get back to the human roots of business: clarity, excellent service, and building a community. Everything you’re already good at.  Meet Dominic →

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