If you haven’t been following Jules White, now’s your chance. Her TEDx talk is redefining the heart and soul of sales. Literally.

One of the way that she gets her message out of ‘Live it, Love It, Sell It’, is to connect with genuine, amazing people on LinkedIn, and pick their brains about how marketers can get back to real, human conversations again.

I was very lucky to join her stellar cast, and explore my favorite topic with her: storytelling. Specifically, tribe storytelling. We covered a lot, but I wanted to share a snippet with you specifically about the idea.

  • Why storytelling fascinates me
  • The kinds of problems I see it solving for small businesses – content, validation, user-generated content, references, user research
  • Why tribe storytelling is a refocusing of a popular topic
  • How it uses one audience to convince another audience
  • We go on to cover a lot more!

What’s your top question about storytelling for your brand? What’s holding you back?

Grab a cuppa and enjoy our fascinating human conversation!

I’m also super lucky to partner with her to build her websites! You can see our work together here:

This interview originally aired on March 21, 2019

Dominic de Souza

Born in New Zealand, raised in Australia, studied in Fiji and France, now living in the United States. After writing my first novel at 13, I spent 15 years in marketing and design. Today, I help wildly-passionate small businesses clarify their story to spellbind people. Subscribe to read these in your inbox!